Amouage Fate Man and WomanAmouage has created a perfume that has both a men’s version and women’s version that will make the wearer feel like royalty. Amouage Fate Man and Amouge Fate Woman is a pair of fragrances that is based on one theme. Creative Director Christopher Chong has consistently drawn inspiration from art, including ballet, opera, and music for his past fragrance pairings, but this perfume pair came from Chong asking the question, “Do you believe in fate?”

In the company’s own words, Amouage Fate Man and Amouage Fate Woman “explore the uncertainty of the future,” creating a scent that is mysterious, yet inevitable, just as fate is for everyone. However, the perfume has a slightly playful side, as if it is actually a parody of fate, letting the wearer know he or she has no control over what happens in the future.

The scents of both perfumes are extremely complex, but refined and sophisticated in a way that perfectly balances the sweet with the spicy. They start out with simple fragrances, but they turn into perfumes that are deep and nuanced, creating a beautifully crafted scent that lingers long after the initial application. Although both versions of the perfume are similar, they each have their own unique flares that make them stand out from each other.

Amouage Fate Woman

Called a “masterpiece” by some perfume connoisseurs, Amouage Fate Woman falls into the oriental category for the mixture of fragrances that exhibit the rich scents reminiscent of the Far East. It starts out pleasantly floral with an emphasis on narcissus, a flower native to Asia and Europe. The spicy scents of cinnamon and chili blend nicely in the background to create a warm, slightly gourmand scent.

Powder is another one of the opening notes of Amouage Fate Woman, hinting at the playfulness of the fragrance that warns the wearer not to take fate too seriously. The combination of the florals, spices and powder set the mysterious nature of the perfume that will be built upon in the heart and base. The spices prevent the perfume from becoming sickly sweet, but the hints of maple syrup and sugar are never far from the surface.

The heart of Amouage Fate woman brings out the bergamot, pepper rose, jasmine and labdanum, all of which serve to temper the sweetness of the floral and powdery opening. Still, the juxtaposition of the sweet smells hovering over a rich and spicy middle, gives the perfume a complexity that can’t be pinpointed very easily. This is by design, as fate itself is difficult to pin down.

The perfume really finds its footing with the base which brings together the warm and inviting scents of leather, patchouli, incense, Frankincense, Oakmoss and sandalwood. A touch of vanilla can also be detected at certain times, but again, it is fleeting and hard to contain. This base lasts and lasts, with the warm and delicious scent of sandalwood persisting even after an evening bath, telling the wearer that after all is said and done, fate is inevitable.

Amouage Fate Man

Although Amouage Fate Man plays well with the woman’s version, it offers a different view of fate, one where the future is controlled by a taskmaster rather than a benevolent, yet mysterious entity. It opens with the top notes of citrus, bitter green absinthe and sharp ginger designed to conjure feelings of subtle fear and confusion. The uncertain blend of contrasting scents gives the wearer a sense of being a little out of control.

Amouage Fate Man moves into a heart of immortelle, a flower that never seems to lose its scent, just as fate can never be escaped. Beautifully infused with the scents of honey, Frankincense, lavender, rose, copahu and cistus, the immortelle sings through the other stimulating fragrances to steal the show. In the background, there are still some slightly strange notes, including wormwood (absinthe) and cumin, both of which disappear rather quickly as the perfume settles into its primary fragrance of immortelle.

Every now and then, a flicker of warmth comes through the florals and spices in the form of vanilla and musk. They are never out of place, though, as if on the journey to fate, there are always comforts along the way that draw the one back on the path to the inevitable future. It almost feels like the wearer gets lulled into complacency each time the hints of warmth break through before the base arrives with the return of uncertainty.

The base of Amouage Fate man arrives in dramatic fashion about two hours after the perfume is initially applied. The scent becomes warmer and richer, but the notes of cedarwood, licorice, tonka bean, sandalwood and labdanum continue to confuse the senses. The rounded base will soften after several hours, but the abstract and nebulous scents of immortelle and light musk continue to flirt with the senses even as the woodiness becomes less and less obvious.

As with most oriental perfumes, Amouage Fate Man and Amouage Fate woman are ideal for formal evenings in the fall and winter. They can also be worn whenever the situation calls for a perfume that projects wealth and royalty. Throughout both perfumes lingers the signature scent of frankincense, but the combination of florals and spices make Fate a perfume not to be missed.