Anna Sui La Vie de BohemeInspired by the bohemian lifestyle that encompasses a free, yet playful spirit, Anna Sui La Vie de Boheme perfume is a scent that continuously evolves after it has been applied to the skin. People who follow the bohemian philosophy of life do not get pigeonholed into one category or style. They strive to break out of the mold and strike out on their own, making their own path and mark on the world. Anna Sui La Vie de Boheme aims to do the same with scent.

The main theme of the perfume continues from start to end, but the background notes change as the fragrance evolves from top to base. The playful but mysterious essence reminds the wearer to embrace life in every moment because perfection is fleeting. The woman who wears Anna Sui La Vie de Boheme  longs for a time long since passed, but also revels in creating her own version of perfection through her freedom and unconventionality.

Anna Sui La Vie de Boheme Top Notes

When the perfume is first applied, the scents of pitahaya, Turkish rose, pear and red berries come through, bright and playful. They sing of a carefree attitude that isn’t controlled by society’s conventions. The mixed patterns these scents create may appear discordant and strange on the surface, but at a closer look, they actually mingle quite nicely, bringing with them the slightly defiant nature of the bohemian lifestyle.

La Vie de Boheme Anna Sui is classified as a fruity-floral perfume that creates a colorful picture that celebrates the bohemian philosophy of living life to its fullest. The hint of dragon fruit lingering in the floral and fruity opening is captivating and sensuous, playful and mysterious. It creates a feeling of never knowing what is going to come next, which is a perfect description of those who enjoy living by the bohemian code.

Anna Sui La Vie de Boheme Heart Notes

The fruity-floral opening melds into a purely floral heat, with bursts of purple peony, red magnolia and pink freesia. The trio of blooms signifies friendships, internal beauty and good fortune, all of which are viewed as highly important to bohemians. The fresh floral essence of the heart is romantic and slightly artistic, bringing out the vitality and independence of the modern woman.

Individual expression is of critical importance to bohemians, and La Vie de Boheme Ann Sui is in perfect harmony with that philosophy. All three flowers bloom at the same time, but one floral scent will rise about the others, depending on the wearer. The heart of the fragrance will not smell the same on any two people, which aligns with the individual uniqueness coveted by bohemiams.

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Anna Sui La Vie de Bohème Base Notes

La Vie de Boheme settles down nicely into a warm base of sandalwood, black vanilla, musk and dry woods. These comfort scents bring the wearer back to home, where everyone feels most comfortable. The bohemian community emphasizes family and friends and the base notes bring those values into sharp view. The sultry overtones ensure the individuality and independence of the heart is never far from the surface. This bohemian woman could take off on her own at any time if she so desires. Nothing, not even the comforts of home, can prevent her from expressing herself.

The perfume is designed for daytime wear and would fit in best with the freshness and vitality of spring and early summer. Perfect for casual get-togethers in the park or at a brunch with friends, La Vie de Boheme Ann Sui will continue to put individuality on display even in the most conventional of settings. Never boring, this perfume will keep people guessing about what will happen next.