Atelier Cologne Silver Iris And Atelier Cologne Gold LeatherFall of 2013 saw the unveiling of Atelier Cologne’s newest collection envisioned by the husband and wife team of Christophe Cervasel and Sylvie Ganter and realized by perfumer Jerome Epinette. Collection Metal released the first two fragrances in the collection: Silver Iris and Gold Leather, which are decadent and rich, just like their packaging. The cologne containers are covered with genuine gold and silver, a first in the cologne industry, giving the fragrances a distinctive flare from the outset.

Established in 2010, Atelier Cologne keeps presenting the fragrance world with fresh and cutting-edge scents, including those in their cologne Absolues collection that debuted in 2011. Atelier cologne Silver Iris and Atelier cologne Gold Leather follow in these footsteps, but are even more luxurious and striking than their predecessors. Of the two scents, Atelier Gold Leather is warmer and richer, but Atelier Silver is inviting and luminous, rather like an old friend extending an invitation for a chat.

The two fragrances are complementary to each other and it will be hard to establish a favorite between the two. The handcrafted leather caps and bottles of real silver and gold give the wearer a hint of their luxurious and opulent contents. However, the scents are also very different, as they each tell a unique story with their velvety blends of aromas and accords.

Atelier Cologne Silver Iris

Although some may believe silver is the lesser of the two metals, Atelier Cologne Silver Iris is not inferior to Atelier Cologne Gold Leather in any way. Once sprayed on the skin, the cologne almost becomes reflective, as if it is actually silver in a bottle. Its shimmering appearance is perfectly in tune with the shiny silver bottle from whence it came. It begins with a gentle opening of muted tangerine. Its light juiciness mingles nicely with the subtly acidic scent of the peel. Within 20 minutes, black currant weaves its way to the surface, juicy and mouthwatering, as if it was freshly picked. The slight tartness of the black currant complements the sumptuous sweetness of the tangerine.

The heart begins to make its way through the fruity opening with a splash of spicy pink pepper. The introduction of the spice blends well with the waning tangerine and black currant notes, giving the cologne a chance to evolve into the powdery, floral iris center. This phase does not linger, and is tempered by mimosa and violet leaf. The crispness of the heart scent gives Atelier Silver Iris a versatile fragrance that makes it perfect for winter months, although the cologne can be worn during warm summer nights as well.

More than two hours into the fragrance, the dry-down period appears with the emergence of musk, bringing with it a sensual combination of patchouli, white tonka bean and white amber. Its warm and inviting base takes the edge off an autumn chill like a fireside chat with a close friend. As Atelier cologne put it, Aletier Cologne Silver Iris is the story of a woman who has spent her life independently wandering the world but want to settle down into the comforts of a stable life.

Atelier Cologne Gold Leather

Of all the colognes developed by Atelier Cologne to date, Atelier Gold Leather is the most powerful. According to perfumer Epinette, the vision was to perfectly marry the smoke, leather and tobacco scents with the cognac notes that make up the main accords of the fragrance. Power and charisma are evident in every aspect of this cologne, but there is also a hint of insecurity. The cologne tells the story of a powerful man who is able to command anything he wants except the one thing he wants most of all: the perfect woman who could make him a better man. Although he is rich in conventional ways, which the cologne perfectly connotes, he would trade it all to be with the woman of his dreams.

Atelier Cologne Gold Leather opens with a gourmand combination of rum, bitter orange and saffron. Its exotic top notes are somewhat mysterious, but they also have a hint of the familiar as if they remind the wearer of a place he knows but can’t recall the name. It’s on the tip of his tongue, but will forever remain out of reach.

The heart arrives quickly, with notes of eucalyptus, plum and Indian davana and leaves just as swiftly, as if the cologne is in a rush to bring in the all-important base. The dry down period is ushered in with the main accords of Texan cedarwood, Indian gaiac wood and leather. The woody scents are rich and luxurious, giving the fragrance a feeling of wealth and opulence. The base, which lingers on the skin for hours, is gold in a bottle, delivering on the promise of the gold-plated container.

Worth the Expense

Certainly the price tags of Atelier Cologne Silver Iris and Atelier Cologne Gold Leather may make one think twice before adding them to a cologne collection. However, both colognes are so unique and distinctive that they are worth the high cost. Atelier Silver Iris sells for $275.00 for a 200 ml bottle and $175.00 for a 100 ml bottle. Atelier Gold Leather sells for $295.00 for a 200 ml bottle and $195.00 for a 100 ml bottle.

The infusion of authentic gold and silver into the containers, along with the handcrafted leather cases, makes the colognes as rich on the outside as they are on the inside. To personalize the cologne even further, the leather case can be engraved with initials or a name at no additional cost with the purchase of a 200 ml bottle. The color of the leather case is also variable and can be purchased in aubergine, taupe, burgundy and chocolate.

Purchasing Silver Iris and Gold Leather will add wealth and class to any cologne collection. Certainly, these colognes are pricy, but the contents of the bottles match the extravagance of the containers, giving the wearer a truly priceless cologne experience.