avon passion perfumeAvon, the American cosmetics company, introduced a new fragrance in the fall of 2013, one that the company touted as “our most luxurious fragrance ever!” Developed by perfumer David Apel, Avon Passion perfume is romantic and feminine, gloriously packaged in a sparkling red gem-shaped bottle. The distinctive container is a hint of the flamboyant scent that hides inside. The perfect blend of fruits and floral notes give the impression of a perfume that is much more expensive than Passion really is.

Passion is available in a 50 ml bottle or a 200 ml perfumed body lotion for just $36.00. Designed for formal winter evening events, Avon Passion is an affordable way to add opulence to any perfume collection. Avon introduced the perfume in time for the holidays, providing modern and independent women with a new scent that lingers luxuriously at holiday parties long after the night has ended.

Notes of Winter and Holiday Celebrations

Not only does the red gem-shaped bottle subtly convey a holiday theme, but the perfume inside is an extravagant blend of seasonal scents that are both sensual and feminine. The top notes of Avon Passion perfume start the fragrance off with a burst of juicy star fruit. It melts into a heart of sambac jasmine, which eventually dries down to a base of musk and bourbon vanilla.

The mixture is an intoxicating blend of fruits and florals that make for a seductive and glamorous scent. Avon launched a campaign ad, aiming its Passion perfume to women who are daring and extravagant and want to evoke power, femininity and charisma. The color of the bottle is no accident, with red being the color of not only the holidays, but also of power and passion.

Although the perfume is targeted for evening wear, Avon also wants users to know they can wear the fragrance at work as well, particularly if they are in positions of power or influence. Avon Passion evokes images of confidence and success, perfect for the woman who is clawing or has already clawed her way to the top of the corporate ladder.

Rave Reviews of Avon Passion Perfume

Avon Passion perfume is already garnering rave reviews on perfume review sites. Some users are calling it “unusual and long-lasting,” while others are labeling it passionate and feminine. One trend throughout many of the reviews is that the perfume is reminiscent of more expensive fragrances, giving wearers extreme value for their purchasing dollar.

Many reviewers are particularly enamored by the bottle, saying it is “dressing table worthy,” “classy enough to showcase,” and “luxurious.” The red is an elegant addition for holiday displays, but it will fit into any perfume collection once the holidays are over as well. The red jewel-shaped bottle is adorned with small clear crystals and is following in the footsteps of other perfumes, such as Ralph Lauren Polo Red, Fendi L’Acquarossa, Dolce & Gabbana Intense and Kenso Flower in the Air that have also debuted in classy red bottles.

Most women who reviewed Avon Passion Perfume were surprised it was developed by Avon. The company, which was started in 1886 by traveling salesman David H. McConnell, is known for its inexpensive offerings, some of which are not as opulent as Avon Passion. Avon perfumes and other products are sold by Avon representatives, most of whom are women as envisioned by the founder. McConnell’s goal in hiring female distributors was to empower women to run their own businesses, and the basic tenant of his operation is evident in the company’s values even today.

Avon Passion perfume is emblematic of the traditional Avon salesperson. She is a strong, independent woman who dares to take a chance on her own skills and abilities. She is powerful because she is earning her own income and will take second place to no one. The scent of power is intoxicating, just as power itself can be. Avon Passion perfume is the perfect perfume to come out of the house of Avon, even if many women think it must come from a much trendier perfumer.

According to reviews, Avon Passion has a lasting period of between five and eight hours, depending on skin type and preference. Some women found they had to spray the fragrance on both in the morning and afternoon, while others said the scent lasted until they showered later in the evening. Either way, Passion is a fragrance that demands attention and is ideal for women who want to be noticed.