Banana Republic Wildbloom Rouge Perfume And Banana Republic Wild Blue Noir CologneBanana Republic has ushered in the fall season with its new fragrances Wildbloom Rouge perfume for women and Wildblue Noir for men. Perfumers Marypierre Julien out of the house of Givaudan and Jean-Claude Deville out of the house of Drom created scents that are classic with a modern twist, designed to appeal to the all-American image of urban adults.

Luxurious and fashionable, the fragrances evoke hints of August evenings at the beach as the summer fades and cooler air is just around the corner. The scents are sophisticated and complex, with subtle notes of surprising aromas popping up throughout the application phases. Although the fragrances are mature, they embody a youthful spirit, making them perfect for both young adults and the young at heart.

Banana Republic Wildbloom Rouge Perfume

Banana Republic Wildbloom Rouge perfume for women was inspired by the gorgeous pink and orange sunsets seen over oceans as the sun lowers itself in the misty water far on the horizon. It is romantic and sensual, meant for the stylish woman whose personality shimmers like the setting sun reflecting on the still water far beyond the shoreline. The warm scent of woods and musk is ideal for cool fall evenings, but many women report it is fine for daytime wear as well.

Falling in the floral woody fragrance family, WildBloom Rouge opens with a flirty blend of fresh clementine, juicy plum, green apple, bergamot and guava. This beginning is youthful and fun, giving the fragrance a fresh opening that will eventually lead into more sophisticated and mysterious blends as the heart begins to show itself with notes of jasmine, freesia petals, magnolia and water hydrangea. These white flowers give the fragrance depth and appeal, finding an audience with both young and mature women.

The base is a direct contrast to the light and refreshing top notes, which is designed to represent the mysteriousness that envelopes beachgoers when the sun finally slips below the horizon and night takes hold. Its warm notes of cashmere musk, sandalwood and amber are sultry and inviting, as if slowly beckoning a companion to come closer to hear a whispered secret. The romantic component of Banana Republic Wildbloom rouge is never more apparent than in the luxurious base, as the woody notes mingle with the fading citrus and floral notes to leave a lasting impression of charm and mystique.

As with most other Banana Republic perfume, WildBloom Rouge is packaged in a gorgeous statuesque clear bottle that hints at the flirty yet mysterious fragrance inside. It is classically adorned with a burgundy flower made out of velvet that reflects the color of the love and romance of summer relationships. Banana Republic Wildbloom Rouge is available in a 50 ml bottle for $48 exclusively at Banana Republic stores.

Banana Republic Wildblue Noir Cologne

The counterpart to Wildbloom is Banana Republic Wildblue Noir cologne for men. Inspired by a beach vacation, this fragrance mixes aquatic, herbal and woody scents to create an image of a salty late-summer evening near the ocean. It breaks the mold of typically heavy colognes for men, instead perfectly balancing the notes in all three phases of application, culminating in a warm, inviting scent that is fresh and enticing.

The cologne begins with light and airy aquatic notes mixed with hints of citrus and fresh herbs. The combination brings to mind the abundant sequoia tress on the island of Maui that sway through the fresh ocean air, cooling beachgoers lounging beside the water. The heart follows on the heels of the top notes, bringing in fougere, spices and vetiver. More complex than the opening, the heart begins to bring in darker and warmer tones, just as the sun gives way to darkness as it sets below the horizon.

When the base notes appear, the sun has completely set and the darker scents, including coffee, suede, musk, chocolate and leather wend their way to the surface, creating a slightly sweet odor that is both inviting and mysterious, all at the same time. Banana Republic Wildblue Noir finishes as black as its name, as black as midnight, but it still exudes a quiet energy that lingers through the fading spice and herbal scents.

To convey the sophistication and complexity of Wildblue, Banana Republic chose to package its fragrance in a grayish-blue bottle with a silver lid. A rope-like adornment sits right below the lid, giving the package a stylishly masculine appearance. The bottle is shaped like a deodorant container, which makes it distinctively male. Its darkness contrasts nicely with the clear bottle of its companion fragrance, Banana Republic Wildbloom Rouge. Wildblue sells for $45 for a 50 ml bottle exclusively at Banana Republic.

What People are Saying

In general, people are raving about Banana Republic Wildbloom for women and Banana Republic Wildblue Noir for men. One female reviewer said Wildbloom is “easy to wear and attractive.” Another woman said it is a heavier floral than its predecessor, which is why she immediately bought a bottle. She enjoyed the clean and sweet scent of the opening plum and clementine notes and was pleased by the light musk notes in the dry-down phase.

A male reviewer of Banana Republic Wildblue Noir said the cologne is “light, aquatic and citrusy. . . with decent silage, but nice longevity.” One reviewer called it “zesty,” while another called it “peppery.” Mostly, people were pleased that both the perfume and the cologne smelled like more expensive products but cost a lot less. They felt they would be able to wear Banana Republic Wildbloom and Banana Republic Wildblue at formal evening events without spending a fortune.

Both new Banana Republic fragrances will evoke lovely memories of a summer romance that is winding down in the early fall months. Memories of holding hands on the beach and frolicking in the ocean as the sun slowly set in the western sky. Both are quietly sophisticated and mature, just right for the young adult or the mature man or woman who wants to stay young at heart.