best jasmine perfumesJasmine is one of the most popular scents for perfumes. It is an intense fragrance that has been linked with spirituality and healing for many years. Jasmine is considered a traditional scent because it has been the basis of many perfumes for at least a hundred years, although it has been used for medicinal purposes for much longer. Jasmine is a shrub flower that originated from the Far East. However, is now grown commercially in many other parts of the world, including Morocco, France, Algeria, Spain, and Egypt for the purpose of using the flowers for perfumes and essential oils.

Even though jasmine is an intense scent, it is popular because it is at the same time delicate and sweet. Jasmine is second only to rose when it comes to popular floral scents, which is why it is found in so many perfumes. In addition to perfume, though, jasmine is often used in aromatherapy and in religious ceremonies and rituals. Due to the fact that there are so many jasmine perfumes available, it can be helpful to know which ones are considered the best.

A List Of Top Jasmine Perfumes of All Time

Here are the top 15 jasmine perfumes on the market today, some of these are all time favorite jasmine fragrances of women for generations (think of Shalimar, Joy and Diorissimo).

See By Chloe – Chloe

In 2012, the House of Chloe debuted its new urban perfume collection by introducing its jasmine perfume, See By Chloe. This fragrance is a fruity floral that has top notes of apple blossom and bergamot, followed by a rich jasmine heart that is complemented by ylang-ylang. The base notes are dominated by subtle musk mixed with other sandlewood accords. Many reviewers agree that See By Chloe is a soothing scent that is perfectly attuned to younger women. It can be worn both day and night for casual events. A detailed review is available here.

Elie Saab Le Parfum for Women – Elie Saab

Described as an intensely feminine fragrance, Elie Saab Le Parfum for Women is full of jasmine, patchouli, cedar, orange blossom, and rose honey. Many reviewers like this particular jasmine perfume because it is not sickeningly sweet, as many other perfumes that include this mix of accords tend to be. Warm and soft, Elie Saab le Parfum is an ideal scent to wear in the evening at formal or dressy affairs.

Many women who have already tried this scent have described it as “classy” and “chic.” Women who are looking for a feminine scent that is opulent, but with a hint of tradition will be pleased with this jasmine oil perfume.

Jasmin Noir Eau de Parfum – BVLGARI

This jasmine scented perfume is both charming and mysterious. It is alluring without the cloying sweetness that can sometimes overwhelm such perfumes. The captivating mix of woody and floral notes with licorice and almond creates a rich and luxurious scent meant to caress the senses and tantalize the mind. Reviewers caution that this perfume is bold, so it might not be appropriate for office wear as it could be too powerful to share. However, it is perfect for special occasions because whoever smells this jasmine perfume will never forget it.

Shalimar – Jacques Guerlain

No best jasmine perfume list would be complete without Shalimar. Created in 1925 by Jacques Guerlain to symbolize the love between Emperor Shahjahan and his wife Mumtaz Mahal, Shalimar is one of a very few perfumes that is still around almost 90 years after it first debuted. The top notes are citrusy, with lemon and bergamot dominating the opening. Jasmine makes its appearance in the heart, along with opoponax and rose. The base notes follow with the warmness of vanilla, tonka bean, and gray amber.

Like many other jasmine perfumes, Shalimar is intense and not something that is usually worn on a daily basis. Reviewers suggest that this fragrance be reserved for special occasions when scent is meant to make a lasting impression.

Joy – Jean Patou

Joy is a jasmine perfume that epitomizes the jasmine family of fragrances. First introduced in 1929 as “the world’s most expensive perfume,” Joy has withstood the test of time and is still considered one of the best, if not the best jasmine perfume in history. This classic scent opens with tuberose, ylang-ylang blossom, pear, and rose, a luscious and intense opening that is quickly followed up with a seductive heart of jasmine and iris root. The base notes expertly balance the intensiveness of the middle notes, with musk, sandalwood, and civet warming the entire fragrance. As with other jasmine scents, Joy can be very bold at first, making it a good choice for evening wear over daytime wear because of its memorable silage. A full review of this iconic perfume is now available in the link.

Burberry for Women – Burberry

Another fruity floral perfume, Burberry for Women is a sensual scent that includes top notes of bergamot, green apple, and blackcurrant that are followed up by intense jasmine and cedar wood. The sandalwood base notes balance the bright top and middle notes by bringing a hint of warmth that weaves its way throughout the entire fragrance. Although the jasmine comes through this scent very clearly, it is not as intense as other jasmine perfumes that make this list. For this reason, Burberry for Women is an excellent option for everyday wear.

Jessica McClintock for Women – Jessica McClintock

Jessica McClintock for Women is a jasmine perfume that is well on its way to becoming a classic. It was introduced in 1987 and has been a favorite jasmine scent for women since then. Jasmine is often paired with citrusy top notes and this fragrance is no exception. The top notes are bright, with lemon dominating the opening. The heart is fully floral with white jasmine and white rose taking over center stage. Many reviewers describe this scent as “romantic” and “feminine” and recommend it for daytime wear. It is not an overpowering fragrance, making it ideal for office wear, but it can also transfer to the evening well, especially for casual occasions.

Coach Poppy Eau De Parfum – Coach

Coach Poppy is a fun scent full of fruity and floral accords that make it ideal for spring and early summer. It is often described as “happiness in a bottle,” and is different from other jasmine perfumes because it is less intense. It is also sweeter and flirtier than other perfumes on this list, but that is what makes it an excellent choice for daytime wear.

D&G Light Blue – Dolce & Gabbana

Another fragrance that could be a classic in years to come, D&G Light Blue first came onto the jasmine perfume scene in 2001. Unlike many of the scents on this best jasmine perfume list, this fragrance is strictly for casual wear. It is not a perfume that will make a statement as soon as the wearer walks into the room. Instead, it is a fresh and clean combination of apple, rose, musk, and of course, jasmine. Many reviewers said they wear this perfume all day every day, making it an excellent choice for the office and for happy hour after a hard day’s work. This perfume is also in the best seller list of women’s perfume on

Tocca Beauty Cleopatra – Tocca

Cleopatra is intensely feminine, yet it is also delicate and dramatic. There is something about the beautifully mixed jasmine, orange, tuberose, peach, amber, and patchouli that make this scent irresistible. Also infused with hints of cucumber and grapefruit, this fragrance cools the skin and calms the mind. As such, this scent is just as much for the benefit of the wearer as it is for anyone who might catch a whiff as the wearer walks by. This is not an intense perfume, but one that will make an impression on anyone who is fortunate enough to be close enough to smell it.

Flowerbomb – Viktor & Rolf

Anyone looking for an intensely floral perfume will fall in love with Flowerbomb. Just as the name indicates, this mixture of jasmine, freesia, rose, osmanthus on a base of patchouli is a “floral explosion.” Women who wear this do not go unnoticed, as the bouquet of flowers leaves a trail of scent that leads right to them. Packaged in a grenade-like bottle, it is very clear what the wearer will get when she sprays this on her skin. There is nothing subtle about this jasmine perfume, making it ideal for evening wear when there is a statement to be made.

Carolina Herrera for Women – Carolina Herrera

Elegant and feminine, Carolina Herrera for Women is the embodiment of floral perfumes. Introduced in 1988, this jasmine perfume features a warm base of amber and wood that supports an opulent heart of jasmine and tuberose. It is recommended for everyday wear, but in cooler weather, as the mix of floral scents can become cloying in heat.

Diorissimo – Christian Dior

Another classic perfume to make this top 10 best jasmine perfume list, Diorissimo was launched in 1956. Its masterful blend of lily of the valley, ylang-ylang, and jasmine is perfect for daytime wear. Although lily of the valley sometimes overpowers the jasmine, wearers report that the jasmine is what ties the fragrance together and keeps it from becoming just another white floral perfume. Women enjoy this scent because it is fresh and pure and does not change over time. Even though Diorissimo is best worn during the daytime hours, it can hold its own during the evening as well.

Fantasy – Britney Spears

This is the only celebrity jasmine perfume to make this list, but it deserves its place because of its seductive and charming nature. Its top notes of kiwi, quince, and lychee are unique in the world of jasmine perfumes, as are the middle notes of cupcake and white chocolate orchid, which are paired with jasmine to make a sweet statement. This fragrance finishes with musk and orris root, a mixture that balances the sweetness of the top and middle notes perfectly. Although this scent can be worn both during the day and evening, it is recommended for those romantic occasions when not just any perfume will do.

Viva La Juicy – Juicy Couture

Another fun and vibrant entry on this top jasmine perfume list, Viva La Juicy is full of citrus notes that mingle beautifully with the jasmine heart. It starts with mandarin and wild berries, and then moves into gardenia, honeysuckle, and jasmine. It ends with a delicious combination of Carmel woods, prailine, and vanilla sandalwood. This is one of two slightly gourmand scents that make this list, the other being the offering from Britney Spears. This is one of the newer perfumes to make this list, debuting in 2008, but it is on its way to becoming a staple in women’s flirty fragrances. This is a great fragrance option for casual occasions that might turn romantic at a moment’s notice.