Introduced in February 2011, Bond No 9 New York Oud is a unisex fragrance that is both modern and classic. Its unique blend of the traditional oud gives the perfume a contemporary spin on a beloved scent that is essential in any fragrance collection. This third oud offering from the perfumer that developed for Harrods and Bond No 9 Oud is a paradox of scents that was inspired by the diverse paradoxes that New Yorkers live with every day.

Bond 9 New York Oud leaves the traditional Old World oud in place, but there is little else that is expected with the fragrance. Although oud has long been prized by perfumers in Europe and the Middle East, it has only recently become popular in the west. However, Bond No 9 turned this conventional scent upside down and created a tantalizing fragrance that is both sexy and comfortable.

Bond No 9 New York Oud Notes

The perfume bursts out of the bottle with notes of red plum, a sweet but tart fruit that provides the initial paradox right from the beginning. Saffron and orange zest join the party, again providing a nice contradiction of sweet and spicy. The heart comes through with an émigré oud that mingles perfectly with a bouquet of roses, giving the perfume a romantic feel that will eventually turn seductive and irresistible when the base comes through. The heart finishes with notes of orris and patchouli, giving the scent a hint of recklessness, as if the fragrance is roaming the streets of New York looking for its next seduction victim.

The base leaps forward with sensual musk, sweet honey, teakwood, and earthy vetiver. It envelopes the rose from the heart and makes it forcefully bloom, begging to be sniffed and enjoyed. The elegant dry-down period lasts for hours and hours, since the oud concentration is a magnificent 30 percent, rather than the 20 percent that most oud perfumes contain. Slightly smoky, this perfume is ideal for formal winter evenings and long romantic dates.

Bond No 9 New York OudThe Bottle

Bond No 9 New York Oud is packaged in the signature Bond No. 9 bottle, which is shaped slightly like a star and is etched with numerous copies of Bond No. 9’s patented seal. The bottle is gunmetal gray with flecks of gold, reminiscent of the color of New York’s skyline as the sun begins to set on the glimmering buildings. The bottle is not opaque, however. The tantalizing liquid inside can be clearly seen when the container is lifted to the light.

The modern bottle design is no accident. As with the perfume inside, it is a study in paradox. The shape mimics the signature style of Bond No 9, paying homage to its predecessors. However, the metallic color and bold “NYC” inside each seal leaves little doubt this perfume is meant for upscale, urban men and women who are looking to make their mark on the world. The bottle, just as the fragrance itself, is unforgettable.

Reviewers are Impressed

“This is the very best fragrance I had the pleasure to try,” said one reviewer of Bond No 9 New York Oud. “This perfume is powerful in every way,” said another satisfied customer. With its romantic New York Oud, Bond No 9 has struck a chord with men and women alike. One reviewer said he was looking for a “winter niche fragrance with a western oud interpretation” and he found exactly what he was looking for with Bond New York perfume.

Although some reviewers thought Bond No 9 New York Oud is more feminine, many people disagreed, saying, ‘the top and middle notes may seem feminine, but the dry-down is all man.” Again, the paradox between what a woman’s perfume is supposed to smell like and what this perfume presents is clear, even though it might confuse “western noses.” According to this reviewer, Eastern noses would find this fragrance distinctly masculine.

One female reviewer said, “whoever says this is better on a man than a woman is crazy. I am a woman and think this is a confident, feminine fragrance. I love it!” These conflicting reviews are exactly what Bond No. 9 hoped to achieve with its unisex New York Oud perfume. It is a contradiction right from the start, with a bottle that leans toward the masculine and top notes that are distinctly feminine. The paradoxes continue throughout the entire application phases, creating an entirely unique scent that is adored by both men and women.

Bond No 9 New York Oud won the FiFi Perfume Extraordinaire of the Year Award from the Fragrance Foundation in 2012, delighting the judges just as much as the reviewers. The fragrance is available in a 50 ml bottle for $240.00 and a 100 ml bottle for $330.00. According to many people who have already purchased this luxurious perfume, it is worth every cent.