Bond No 9 Scent of Peace For Her And HimBond No 9 Scent of Peace is a perfume developed for women and debuted in 2006. Inspired by the devastating attack on New York on September 11, 2001, Bond No. 9 The Scent of Peace was created to convey the notion that out of the ashes of a disaster can come worldwide peace. Perfumer Michael Almairac created this perfume, a woody floral fragrance that is delicate and soft, perfect for a woman whose inner confidence inspires her own peace.

Nearly seven years later, the masculine counterpart to Bond No 9 Scent of Peace for women debuted in October 2013. Named The Scent of Peace for Him, this product was developed and manufactured in New York, a place where all nationalities are welcomed and blend together to create one great city, just as the diverse fragrances in Bond No. 9 Scent of Peace blend together to create a wonderful perfume. Assuredly masculine, Scent of Peace for Him is a sophisticated fusion of traditional and contemporary notes to attract men both young and mature.

Bond No 9 Scent of Peace for Her

This fresh floral perfume with hints of citrus and woods was a Top 5 Finalist for the 2007 Fragrance of the Year FiFi Award in the Women’s Nouveau Niche Category. It opens with fresh grapefruit, black currant and blueberry notes with a sparkle of spicy greens. It is carefree and whimsical, just as people who live in peace should be. It has a delicate and soft opening that moves briskly into a heady heart of lily of the valley. The sweet and flowery scent is light and clean, perfect for daytime wear or a casual evening out.

The base is simple and natural, with notes of cedar and musk cutting through the sweetness of the floral heart. Its strong and warm dry-down period is inspired by the strength that comes with peaceful living even in the face of horrendous terror. While the scent is not overpowering, it is also not easy to forget. Women who are looking to stand out in a crowd will love this fragrance and its clean yet sexy scent.

Bond Scent of Peace for women comes in a bottle that is designed to resemble a dove in flight. The lavender container is almost star-shapes, with the “wings” of the dove pointed upward on either side. An outline of a dove carrying an olive branch is sketched on the front, along with the word “peace” and the Bond No 9 seal. The perfumer’s roots are also well represented on the bottle, with NYC taking center stage inside the circular seal. Bond No. 9 Scent of Peace for women is available in a 7 ml pocket spray for $95.00, a 50 ml bottle for $195.00 and a 100 ml bottle for $265.00.

Bond No 9 Scent of Peace for Him

The quest for peace established by Bond Scent of Peace for women in 2006 continues in the newest fragrance out of Bond in New York City, The Scent of Peace for Him. No longer are women the only peacemakers in the world. More and more often, men are encouraged to show their softer sides and advocate for peace instead of conflict. No other city in the world is at the forefront of brokering peace than New York City, where diversity thrives and tolerance is celebrated.

Bond’s new fragrance opens with juicy top notes of pineapple, juniper berry and bergamot, bringing forth reminders of the citrus notes in the feminine version of the perfume. The freshness of the citrus and the masterful combination of sweet and sour fruits evoke feelings of happiness and contentment, just as one feels when he is at peace. The heart of black current, cassis, vetiver and cedarwod is elusive and mysterious, a nod to the difficult task achieving peace can be. The heart stays calm, though, seeking peaceful resolutions to complex problems.

When true peace is found, warmth and comfort settle in, which is just what the base of Bond No 9 Scent of Peace for him does with its familiar masculine notes of patchouli, musk and amber. Seductive and alluring, this combination feels like home, the one place people turn to for enduring peace and unwavering comfort.

Bond Scent of Peace for Him comes in a bottle that is the same shape as its feminine counterpart, but instead of a dove, the men’s version is solid blue, a nod to the stability, calmness and tranquility that comes with true peace. The bottle is accented by a black leather bow tie ringed around the neck, giving it the appearance of a well-dressed man who can handle any situation with grace and intelligence.

Sold at Saks Fifth Avenue, Nordstrom and at Bond No. 9 stores in New York, Bond No 9 Scent of Peace is priced at $180 for a 50 ml bottle and $250 for a 100 ml bottle. It has moderate silage and is very long lasting, just as peace should be.

Rave Reviews

Women have been enjoying Bond No 9 Scent of Peace since 2006, calling it clean and versatile. One reviewer called it a “crisp beautiful scent. . .with no cloying or sugary notes.” It has also been described as “classy,” “soft,” “sexy” and “perfect for summer.” Many reviewers found the fragrance unique and unlike anything they have ever smelled. Women who first tried this perfume nearly a decade ago are still wearing it today as their signature scent.

The men’s version of Scent of Peace, although just released, is even more revered than the women’s version. One reviewer called it a “masterpiece,” while another called it a “sophisticated, versatile scent that can be worn to work or on a night out on the town.” It is a very complex fragrance that is highly recommended by most men who have had the opportunity to wear it. Some reviewers even said the men’s fragrance is on a higher level than the woman’s perfume.

With both fragrances focused on achieving peace on a worldwide scale, women and men can wear these perfumes with pride. Bond No. 9 Scent of Peace delivers a feeling of tranquility and contentment, paving the way for a peaceful blending of diversity in New York City and beyond.