Bottega Veneta Pour HommeOut of the house of Bottega Veneta comes the brand’s first men’s fragrance, Bottega Veneta Pour Homme. The noses behind the scent are Antoine Maisondieu and Daniela Andrier, who have teamed up with designer Tomas Maier, who has been working since 2001 to transform Bottega Veneta from a small company selling leather goods to one of Italy’s finest luxury design companies.

The inspiration for Bottega Veneta Pour Homme came from Maier’s vision of a man traveling from the Veneto region to Northern Italy. The fragrance evokes image of strong deciduous trees that will withstand any adverse weather conditions and rugged Indonesian patchouli and Andalusian labadanum, two scents that scream masculinity.

The idea behind the fragrance is to hint at the powerful, rugged man behind the three-piece suit. Not only is he confident and powerful in the board room, but he is also comfortable in the untamed wilderness that extends far beyond the big city. He is as comfortable in a small log cabin as he is in his overstuffed leather office chair behind his marble-topped executive desk. Here is the official video:


Notes of Bottega Veneta Pour Homme

The opening of Bottega Veneta Pour Homme bursts forth in a polite and instantly likeable manner, with notes of Calabria bergamot, Balkan juniper and Siberian pine. It’s like a brisk walk through a forest that has been doused with a refreshing rain. Although it doesn’t seem very original at this point, it is refreshing in a familiar way and is only gearing up for the more confident heart. Speaking of which, the heart’s notes of Canadian fir, Jamaican pepper and Mediterranean clary sage gradually swallow up the friendly accords of the top notes, bringing forth a spicy, unpredictable middle that slightly contradicts the unassuming opening.

The base is where the fragrance truly comes alive. Its rich notes of leather, Indonesian patchouli and Andalusian labadanum form a foundation of confidence and power. Yet it doesn’t scream self-assuredness. Instead, it whispers strength with elegance and refinement. Its modern twist to a classic combination makes this a perfect scent for a man working his way up the ladder of success. However, it is not just a fragrance for the workplace, but works well in casual evening situations too.

Bottega Veneta Pour Homme is not a loud perfume. It is understated, but everyone knows it’s there, just like a man who doesn’t say much in a meeting but when he does, his words are measured and pointed. Everyone respects what he has to say, and he doesn’t have to yell to get that respect. His quiet confidence permeates the room, affecting everyone in his radius.

The scent is intelligent and complex, although all notes are very detectable. Bottega Veneta Pour Homme is not meant to be deceptive or mysterious, as many fragrances for men tend to be. It is intriguing in a quiet way, perhaps in the same way a book cover is intriguing to a voracious reader. It makes people want to get closer so they can know more. This is ideal for romantic situations when getting close is all he can think about.

A Bottle of Elegance

Bottega Veneta Pour Homme comes in a glass bottle that is reminiscent of its feminine counterpart, Bottega Veneta 2011. Its shape is exactly the same, but the masculine version is gray rather than pink. The stopper is composed of metal and leather to give this fragrance a distinctly masculine feel. There is no mistaking this fragrance for its more feminine version even before the topper is ever released.

The bottle is so elegant that it can be the centerpiece of any perfume collection. The smoked-glass bottle is refined and beautifully crafted. It is an attention grabber, but not in an obnoxious way. Just like the perfume inside, it waits quietly to be noticed, but when it is, no one can ignore it or forget it. No matter what else is surrounding it, this bottle makes people pay attention.

Men Want This Fragrance

Reviewers from all over the world are commending Bottega Veneta for its fragrance for men. One man said, “the overall experience is marvelous,” while another said, “this is a beautifully, soft, incredibly elegant leather and light floral scent that. . .manages to be both fresh and warm at the same time.” It is garnering praises from both the men who wear it and the women who smell it on their men. One man called it his “hands down favorite men’s release of the past couple of years.”

It is a perfect complement to the women’s version of Bottega Veneta that was released two years ago. One reviewer said it “hints at its female counterpart in a way when I merely caught subtle wafts of it. Where Bottega Femme is dominant in oakmoss, Bottega Vaneta Pour Homme is dominant in woods. They both share that earthy quality.”