From the house of Boucheron, the luxury jewel company headquartered in Paris, France: introducing a new woody floral perfume that takes its name from the brand’s main store, Place Vendome, Paris, where Frederic Boucheron debuted his first jewelry store in more than 100 years ago in 1893. The inspiration for the fragrance is the century’s worth of gems that have graced the display shelves of Boucheron since its first days of operation.

Boucherone Place Vendome embraces the freedom and independence of the modern woman. Its light tells the story of a dreamer who watches the sun rise over Paris as a glowing heroine slowly emerges out of the shadows. That woman is the self-reliant and confident woman whose power is to save herself from darkness and evil. All women have this power and it is brought to the forefront through Boucheron Place Vendome.

Notes of Boucheron Place Vendome

Citrusy and bright, Boucheron Place Vendome perfume opens with a burst of sunlight. Just as the sun rises in the east, silently extinguishing the stars with its light, the perfume shakes off the darkness, leaving a trail of orange blossom and pink pepper. Its heart is fully awake, with notes of jasmine, peony, cedar, rose and honey. The heart is velvety, with its floral center shimmering in all directions, just as a jewel grabs the light and fractures it in a million pieces, shooting tiny rainbows everywhere.

The base is even softer than the heart, with a velvety finish that is powdery and slightly sweet. The notes of benzoin and cedar give the dry-down period a nice musky finish, a pale scent that is reminiscent of the full heart, but quieter and less obvious. Highly feminine, the base notes serve as a subtle reminder of the confidence and freedom that describe today’s bourgeois woman.

The perfumers behind this magnificent fragrance are Nathalie Lorson and Oliver Cresp, who have also developed other fantastic scents such as Allessandro Dell’ Acqua, Christian Dior Midnight Poison, Armand Basi Wild Forest and Davidoff Cool Water Deep. This is the first time the two perfumers have worked together to create a fragrance that embodies the contemporary woman who isn’t afraid to take on the world and win.

The Shimmering Jewel of a Bottle

Boucheron Place Vendome FragranceBoucheron Place Vendome is packaged in a gorgeous cut glass bottle that resembles many of the jewels that have passed through the store at Place Vendome, Paris. The container is exactly what would be expected of a classy fragrance from the upscale brand. The cut glass is patterned to give the bottle a quilted effect that is inspired by the paving stones on the Place Vendome.

The jewel-like bottle, which grabs the light and scatters its fragments into multiple directions, is a lovely container that hints at its precious contents. Women who wear this perfume will be thrilled to have such a distinctive bottle in their perfume collection. Not only does it whisper wealth and opulence, but it also conveys the light and sparkle that live within every woman.

Who Should Wear This Perfume?

The designers at Boucheron aimed this masterpiece at a younger audience; however, it is mature enough for older women who already glow with the enlightenment of ideas. Chic and refined, the fragrance stays true to the house of Boucheron, harkening back to the days when it was simple jewelry store. Yet, there is an aloofness to the scent that perfectly captures the modern stylish woman whose immaculately groomed appearance carefully masks the fire and sparkle inside.

The classy and understated fragrance is completely feminine and slightly sweet to appeal to younger women, but the heady dry-down period is perfect for mature women who are looking to impress rather than thrill. Still, it is a great scent for everyday wear, particularly in an office environment, but it is also well-suited for casual evening get-together and first dates.

Reviews are In

Boucheron Place Vendome just made its debut in the fall of 2013, but reviewers already love it. One female reviewer said, “On me, it is very feminine with a subtle sweetness. . .it has been blended very well.” Another reviewer wrote, “It’s very feminine, but different from many other perfumes out there. A very well-done creation in my opinion.”

The lightness of the scent seems to be very popular as it is unique from other perfumes with similar notes that tend to be deeper and heavier. Some called it old-fashioned, but with a modern twist while others call it creamy and elegant and a “departure fro the traditional vanilla scents out there.” A very happy reviewer said, “This fragrance is like a soft rose dipped in honey,” and another said it would “have you floating in a very beautiful aura.”

Boucheron Place Vendome is available at Harrods in a 30 ml bottle, a 50 ml bottle and a 100 ml eau de parfum formula.