Burberry Brit Rhythm, introduced in 2013, is the first in-house fragrance from the house of Burberry. Completely unique from the house’s previous offerings, Burberry Brit Rhythm Burberry is a woody spice fragrance developed by perfumers Anne Flipo, Dominique Ropion and Oliver Polge. Taking its cue from music, Brit Rhythm is creative director Christopher Bailey’s attempt to replicate the adrenaline rush of attending a musical concert in person.

Modern and young, Burberry Brit Rhythm Burberry combines provocative scents with technological advances to market the fragrance to cool, stylish men. Samples of the fragrance are available in the form of a transfer tattoo that is an exact replica of the one worn by George Barnett, singer for “These New Puritans,” the band aligned with Burberry to market the new fragrance. According to Bailey, young men aspire to be rock stars, and when they put on Burberry Brit Rhythm, they are taken to the rock and roll world, where energy and exhilaration rule the night.

Burberry Brit Rhythm Notes

The fragrance begins with a bright, fresh opening of juniper berries, cardamom, lemon, basil and lemon verbena, just as an opening act would warm up the crowd before the main event. It’s an entertaining start, showing brilliant hints of what’s to come when the warm-up band gives the stage to the band everyone’s come to see. As the top notes make their exit, the heart notes burst on stage to thunderous applause. Incense, sandalwood and tonka bean bring the main act to the forefront, with the crowd going wild over the enticing, sensual scents.

As sexy and warm as the heart of Burberry Brit Rhythm Burberry is, the base is even more seductive and provocative. With its notes of patchouli, black leather, styrax and cedar, the base resembles the final song in a set of amazing selections. The leather brings back memories of a faded bomber jacket thrown to an adoring fan in the front row of a rock and roll crowd. The patchouli and cedar combine to create a melody that is slightly familiar, yet totally unique.

The fragrance’s electric energy is present from the fanfare of top notes, to the rich, adrenalized middle notes, to the deeply sensual base notes. Even after the concert is over, the remnants of the fragrance remain, as memories of an amped up atmosphere that gave way to an emotional farewell after the encores ended. The fragrance is not meant to channel any one type of music. Instead, it attempts to encompass the feelings associated with all music. Exhilaration, emotion, connection.

The Bottle

Burberry Brit RhythmNo Brit Rhythm review would be complete without a look at the fragrance’s bottle. The rectangular bottle is reminiscent of a concert stage, and the textured surface looks like stage lights shining down in every direction as the performers sing their songs and make their music. The silvery-gray color is entirely masculine, as is the silver top, subtly embossed with the Burberry Brit brand.

Regardless of the other fragrances in a collection, Burberry Brit Rhythm Burberry will stand out as unique and stylish. Designed for young, modern men, Burberry Brit Rhythm Burberry follows in the footsteps of other fragrances developed for Burberry in that it flows with the times, changing as society changes. Burberry has never been afraid to embrace modernism, and this fragrance is no exception. Despite coming from a company that is steeped in tradition, Brit Rhythm leads the way into the digital age. It combines modern packaging with digital marketing, entering into a partnership with Noisey, a musical video website that will use its influence with young men to call attention to Burberry Brit Rhythm. If you are looking for top 10 perfumes for men, see our article on the best fragrances for men here.

A Symphony of Scent

Regardless if a man’s favorite music is rock and roll or classical or something in between, Brit Rhythm fits right in. As mentioned earlier in this Brit Rhythm review, it doesn’t matter if the music is jazz, country or bluegrass. What matters is the energy and emotion behind the musical notes. The fragrance itself is not so much rock and roll, although the inspiration came from the iconic image of rock and roll: the leather jacket, as it is how music makes one feel.
Anyone who has ever been to a live concert knows what an integral part music plays in his life. Burberry Brit Rhythm Burberry embraces this mainstay in the lives of all men, young or old. Music says the things men aren’t able to say themselves and the fragrance does the same thing. Sensual and provocative, Brit Rhythm brings music alive no matter where it’s worn; however, it is best for nighttime wear, especially for dates and informal events that require the energy music brings. Burberry Brit Rhythm is available in a 30 ml bottle for $49, a 50 ml bottle for $60 and a 90 ml bottle for $79.