How to Choose Your Signature PerfumeEvery year, perfume manufacturers and designers develop new perfumes that might sound alluring if you just pay attention to the commercials. However, not every scent is well-suited for every wearer. Sometimes, a scent that works on one person is entirely wrong for another person. This is why you need to choose your signature perfume. You want a scent that enhances your personality and brings pleasant thoughts of you to the minds of anyone who happens to come across that fragrance during their day.

The hard part is how to choose your signature perfume. It’s not always easy to find the right fragrance that speaks of who you are before you ever say a word. There are more than 20,000 perfumes on the market today, so it is critical for you to narrow your choices down before picking the one you will go with.

What Do You Want Your Perfume to Say About You?

The first step in selecting your signature perfume is to decide what you are trying to say with your scent. There are three basic categories that are used to describe fragrances: classic, delicate and sensual. Before you even start shopping for your signature scent, you will want to decide which category you are going to choose your perfume from.

Classic Signature Perfume:

All men and women should have a classic scent in their collection. These scents go with every outfit and can fit into any occasion. The perfumes in this category are usually more subtle than bright flowery or citrus fragrances. Some of the scents included in these popular perfumes include mirth, rose, jasmine, amber, Ming and musk.

If you don’t know what statement you want to make with your perfume, a classic scent is the way to go. You won’t be giving off vibes that could be misinterpreted. You will simply have a fragrance that is pleasant to be around in a comforting way.

Sensual Signature Perfume:

These scents are ideal for people who are self-confident and a little daring. They are mysterious and create a sense of passion and assurance. These scents typically have heavier base notes, which are the scents that linger long after the initial impressive top and middle notes have dissipated.

If your signature perfume falls in the sensual category, people might think you are feisty, independent and fun. However, these scents are also fine for formal events, when rich, heavier fragrances are appropriate for the occasion. Some of the most popular sensual scents are mandarin, amber, vanilla, pink pepper, lily of the valley and musk.

Delicate Signature Perfume:

These perfumes tend to be gentle and more feminine than the classic scents. You might be trying to flirt with a member of the opposite sex with a signature perfume that is delicate. Or, you could be letting others clue in on your femininity even if you are engaged in activities that are anything but feminine.

Flowery perfumes are usually prominent scents found in the delicate category. Some of the most popular fragrances are gardenia, carnation, jasmine, sandalwood, rose and almond. These scents might not be suitable for business meetings, formal dinners or other more serious events, but they are perfect for dates, casual get-togethers and outings to dinner and the movies.

Your Body Chemistry

Once you decide what statement you want to make with your signature perfume, you will have to experiment with fragrances to find out which one complements your body’s chemistry. It is not known exactly why perfume smells different on one person than it does on the other, but it is clear that body chemistry is responsible.

As you shop for perfume, you might not realize that you’re actually searching for a scent that will help you attract a mate. However, fragrances have long been known to have an effect on the mating process. You want to smell nice, but it’s more than that. Studies have shown that people subconsciously prefer scents that mix well with their body chemistry. Their preferences usually attract people who have a specific genetic difference that will give their potential children a stronger immune system by combining diverse genetic makeups.

All things considered, even if you don’t think you’re trying to attract a mate, you want to choose a perfume you like. You don’t want one that you think you might enjoy only to hate it once you get it home. To determine whether or not a scent has the potential of being your signature scent, you should first spray a bit of perfume on a card or in the air. If you like what you initially smell, go ahead and apply it to your wrist. Wait about a half an hour and smell your wrist again. This will let you know whether or not you like the heart of the fragrance. Finally, an hour later, give your wrist one last sniff. If you enjoy the base notes of the fragrance, it’s time to purchase a bottle. You will have spent about an hour and a half of your time, but the results will be worth it.

Knowing your signature perfume is an important part of understanding who you are. Having a fragrance that brings out the best parts of your personality will make a difference as to how you are perceived by people when you walk into a room. Take your time picking one out and don’t get locked into one if it’s not working for you. You want to enjoy your perfume, so make your choice a good one.