Christina Aguilera UnforgettableFor every woman who is looking to leave a lasting impression on every man who turns her way, introducing Christina Aguilera Unforgettable. As Aguilera puts it, “Deep down every woman wants to unleash hear natural sex appeal her femininity and her sensuality. . .Unforgettable is about creating those moments he will remember forever.” Unforgettable perfume, the fifth to bear Aguilera’s name, is designed for any woman who wants to feel glamorous, confident and sexy.

Aguilera herself stars in the commercial advertising Christina Aguilera Unforgettable, proving to be irresistible and sensual as she runs her hands over a mystery man’s rock-hard abs. She has the look of someone who has spent some time exploring her sexuality with the man in the ad, as her tousled hair and warm facial glow hint. What is definitely clear is The Voice judge is a slimmed-down, sexy version of her former self.

Oriental Floral Notes

Classified as an oriental floral perfume, Christina Aguilera Unforgettable combines the quintessential oriental fragrances of jasmine, tonka bean and Turkish rose with the fruity scents of plum and pomegranate to create a lovely blend of floral and fruit over a warm, sultry base. It begins with its fruity opening, blasting out pomegranate and plum to set the stage for the floral heart, which appears just as the delicious top notes make their exit.

Blooming jasmine and Turkish rose create the floral accords of the oriental composition, coming in glamorous and alluring on the heels of the fruity start. Although the opening is memorable in and of itself, the heart is truly as unforgettable as Unforgettable perfume can be. Its exotic floral notes are long-lasting, even as the warm, creamy base notes of vanilla, cashmere and tonka bean float in.

The base makes Unforgettable truly unique among other fragrances developed by Aguilera, and many reviewers believe it is her best. Although it some reviewers thought it smelled a little like Coco Noir or Dior Miss Dior Cherie, most women thought it had its own unique scent designed to give women the confidence to unleash their inner sensuality. A sophisticated fragrance, particularly in the dry-down phase, this perfume is recommended for nighttime wear in the fall or winter.

The Bottle

Christina Aguilera Unforgettable is packaged in a curvy black bottle, reminiscent of a woman’s voluptuous body dimensions. Covered partially in lace, the bottle is elegant and sensual, hinting at the glorious medley of scents waiting inside. The lacy accents are replicated in the still ad for the perfume, with Aguilera holding a black lacy fan to her smooth-as-silk cheek. Clearly, she is unclothed in the ad, at least from the chest up, evoking the kind of sensuality Aguilera wanted to capture in her perfume.

The silver spritzer on top of the curvaceous bottle is capped with a clear cover, giving it a classy, sophisticated appearance. Accented with a single small black rose near the spritzer, the container hints at the Turkish rose heart that is the focal point of the fragrance. The singer’s name is printed in red across the bottom of the bottle, along with “Unforgettable” in white script below her name. Just as the fragrance inside is worthy of the perfume’s name, the bottle is also unforgettable in every way.

Reviewers Love Christina Aguilera Unforgettable

Reviewers have fallen in love with Christina Aguilera Unforgettable and find they can’t get the seductive fragrance out of their mind. It is as irresistible as Aguilera promised it would be as she said the fragrance is for “women who want to be irresistible.” So far, reviewers agree the fragrance’s accords are mature and alluring, bringing in the unusual combination of pomegranate that “prevents the fragrance from turning into very ordinary.”

Unforgettable is anything but the typical celebrity scent. It’s not meant for teenagers hoping to attract the nose of the boy across the classroom. It’s a slightly sweet, but with a “hot edginess” that gives it an older, more sophisticated feel designed for women who know what they want and aren’t afraid to go get it. One reviewer in particular said the fragrance is “good for unforgettable nights,” which is exactly the mood Aguilera wanted to create.

Long-lasting with moderate silage, Christina Aguilera Unforgettable is a perfume that doesn’t need to be sprayed on very heavily. It will last all night, taking the wearer from a casual dinner to a hot and steamy night filled with seduction and sensuality. It will still linger on the skin well into the early morning hours, as the night fades away, leaving only the unforgettable moments of an unforgettable encounter embedded in the memory for a lifetime.

Aguilera doesn’t attempt to hide her sensual side when she’s performing in public. Her Unforgettable perfume doesn’t hide either. It is bold and blatant, just like its creator and just like Aguilera wants every woman to feel.