A love story that never ends. That’s what Coach Love Perfume is all about. Dubbed the “most romantic fragrance Coach has created,” the perfume is a masterful blend of classic accords with a contemporary complexity that results in a fully feminine floral perfume resting on a warm base of woody undertones. The woman who wears this romantic fragrance from the house of Coach is effortlessly stylish, with a warm femininity radiating from her sensual heart.

Of the three fragrances released by Coach in the summer of 2012, Coach Love Perfume is the most sophisticated. Coach Poppy Blossom and Coach Signature Rose d’Or are both aimed at a younger market, but Love is meant for the grownup woman who embraces that joyful feeling of falling and being in love. The luxurious natural ingredients are so artfully blended that the result is a perfume that evokes feelings of desire, sensuality and romanticism right from the opening note.

Coach Love Perfume Notes

Just as falling in love is exciting and new, with just a tad of fear thrown in, Coach Love fragrance opens with a sparkling burst of dewberry, mandarin, freesia and violet. Elegant and vibrant, these top notes also hint at a slightly mysterious component that begs to be further explored as the heart makes an appearance on the heels of the exhilarating top notes.

The floral heart of the fragrance beats loud and clear with gardenia, jasmine and magnolia. This is love in full bloom, with its petals turned toward the warm sun and luscious gardens rife with flowers of all types and colors. It’s a beautiful rendition of one of life’s most visceral feelings. Love is everywhere and this perfume is not afraid to show it.

Subtly, the base flows through the heart, settling into a warm glow, just as love settles in for the long haul, sometimes flaring, but often simmering just below the surface. The seductive notes of patchouli, sandalwood, musk, caramel and vanilla create a delicious background to the bright floral opening and heart. It’s the dry-down phase that symbolized long-lasting love, an emotion that can blend into the background but can’t totally be ignored.

Coach Love perfume is not a loud fragrance. It doesn’t shout love from the mountaintops. However, it does make a lasting impression on everyone it encounters. No one can escape love untouched. Love impacts and shapes everyone it meets, and Coach Love has exactly the same effect. Its complexity is compelling, its composition, alluring. No one can resist the call of love.

The Bottle

coach love perfumeRomance is epitomized by the glass flacon that does nothing to hide the sensual liquid inside of it. Tinged lightly with pink, the bottle is round with a pink metal top. The two famous Cs – one pink and one silver – that make up the Coach label intertwine into a full heart to carry on the romantic theme behind the fragrance. With an elegant pink bow made out of tulle encircling the neck, the bottle is classy and delicate.

Coach Love perfume grabs women’s hearts right from the start, with its simple bottle design that reflects the simple raw emotion of love. Although love can be complicated, just as the ingredients of the perfume are complicated, at its very basic level, love is easy. It doesn’t go out of style and it never runs out. Love is enduring and the fragrance from Coach is just as timeless.

Reviewers Are in Love with Coach Love

Designed for evening winter wear, the Coach Love fragrance is the most sophisticated scent to come from the house of Coach. Light and feminine, the perfume is long-lasting and memorable, with its classic accords that bring buried love back to the surface, bright and full of hope. Slightly flirty, the perfume has a mellow, yet sexy dry-down stage that creates an alluring scent that keeps men coming back for more.

One reviewer said, “I’ve just sniffed and gone to heaven” after smelling Coach Love perfume for the first time. Another woman wrote, “Really the best of the Coach brand.” Long-lasting with moderate silage, Coach Love is the perfect choice for an evening out on the town; however, many reviewers said its light scent would work well in an office setting, too. Most women agree the perfume is not designed for teenagers, but rather for the working woman who wants to show off her romantic side, even when she’s in a casual setting.

This fragrance is not overpowering, but keeps to its romantic roots, silently enveloping everyone within range and leaving them with a memorable impression of life’s most wonderful emotion. Coach Love perfume is available in a 30 ml bottle for $52, a 50 ml bottle for $72 and a 100 ml bottle for $92. A purse spray, rollerball, body lotion and shower gel are also available directly through Coach or one of its retailers.