Do you want to be stylish, to feel daring, vibrant yet airy fresh? There is a fragrance you can confidently wear during the day even during work or play, a fragrance that enhances such youthful mood – Coach Poppy Flower. Designed with the young at heart in mind, Coach Poppy Flower is a happy homage to the youthfulness within.

Coach, the Scent Maker

Coach Perfume Poppy Flower is manufactured by Coach, the well-known brand that is built because of quality, authenticity and value. Coach has served its clientele for many decades now and has been a witness of a rich history that started in 1941, as it was a family workshop that initially made handcrafted leather products in Manhattan, until the company grew, reliably meeting the fashion needs of its clientele.

Coach is one of the leading brands marketing handbags, shoes, clothing and accessories. Coach has undergone several expansions that reached different cities of the world, being a company that is quite innovative. In 2006, Coach, Inc. joined Estee Lauder Companies and is under exclusive global license as it continues to embody the modern classic American style.

The idea of the Coach “Poppy” Collection was born in 2009 when the company was meeting the challenges of the recession. The Poppy, with its graffiti-style logo appealed to the young and gained loyal followers.

Since then, bags, purse, fashion accessories, clothing and fragrances were made for the Poppy line of products. Poppy fragrance started its first edition in 2010.

Coach Poppy Flower Launch

In launching the Poppy Flower Perfume, Coach toured the world and hosted together with its partners, a series of exciting interactive press events in Hong Kong, Malaysia, New York, Mexico and other major US cities. Audience was composed of publications, producers, bloggers and retailers. The visitors were entertained by the chalk art of the graffiti logo used in packaging Poppy Flower Coach.

During the press launch, Coach Poppy perfume branded ribbons and bottles cheerfully decorated the tree which was the center piece in the event’s place. Using the theme of flower arrangements, Coach Poppy Flower Perfume was beautifully presented demonstrating that the art of fragrance making resembles the art of making bouquets, unveiling the Poppy Flower Fragrance as the highlighting conclusion of the event as the visitors also finished making their bouquets.

Coach Poppy Flower was launched in department stores in August 2011. For its television commercials, Jeremy Stuart directed a spot showing flowers blooming one by one and bottles of Poppy Flower at the head of a young lady with a song made especially for Coach rendered by the Expansion Team.

Notable Notes

Coach Poppy Flower is the fragrance for women that stirs youthful attitude of playfulness, excitement, versatility and elicits fond memories of innocence and thrilling discovery. Quite well-suited for day-long wear, especially during the spring and summer seasons, Coach Poppy Flower is a lighthearted floral perfume that has welcoming citrusy top notes from grapefruit, raspberry, lychee, black currant and floral heart notes of jasmine, rose, peony, water lily. Base notes are amber wood, apricot skin, sandalwood and musk.

Poppy Flower has notes of mandarin orange and lychee that lends it its bright, clean and fresh smell – perfect for welcoming bright spring time or enjoying summer days. But the star of this Coach concoction is vanilla – a winning accessory for cool autumn afternoons and cold winter nights.

Just to refresh one’s fragrance IQ, it is normal for a perfume to seem to evolve from its original scent within some time after wearing it, depending on the intended notes coming form the carefully chosen and combined ingredients.

Fragrance seem to progress from one stage or phase (or in perfume parlance, the term commonly used is “notes”) to another. The scent changes as defined by the top, middle and base notes. The initial scent that comes out upon putting on the perfume is evoked from the top notes which are usually light and fresh. The middle (sometimes called also heart or body) notes come out after a few minutes of putting or spraying the perfume as it has spent some time after touching the skin and eventually reacts to its warmth. Finally, here approaches the base notes or dry down, which give the lingering scent.

An Enchanting Concoction

It is not surprising at all, therefore, for the same perfume to give changing nice, memorable scenes from the moment you wear it in the morning until the evening of quiet unwinding or active revelry.

Based on the Coach Poppy Flower review, women found Coach Poppy Flower to smoothly carry on a transition from day to night’s more formal engagements. Poppy Coach Flower can be used daily from day till evening and there is not much need to reapply the scent because it has staying power.

The earthy and musky base notes makes the Poppy Flower Coach scent a suitable fit for college girls. Some perfume critics do not recommend it to anyone under the age of 20 unless they feel too mature for their age. But younger users feel like it reminds them of debutante season where all girls turning eighteen are clad in their best formal, all glammed up – giggling and whispering to each other, just having fun all throughout the night.

Creative Yet Elegant Package

coach poppy flower perfumeConveniently contained inside an oval purple bottle with silver cap, Coach Poppy Flower is showcased elegantly while retaining its classic appeal with designs of Coach founding year and logo in the product label. Scribbles and playfully handwritten graffiti style logo and scrawled-drawn heart figures that occupy the entire cap space, give youthful character to the round, silver bottle cap. A violet bow was tied around the neck of the container to complete the look.

The box is in bright shade of violet. It is filled all over with the same scribbles found in the bottle cap, that is the graffiti style logo and figures which are in silver color creating an attractive contrast with the color of the box. The total appeal is strikingly likable and feminine.

Coach Poppy vs. Coach Poppy Flower

Coach Poppy is notable for its distinctive notes of rich Crème Brulee, Rose petals, whipped cream and cool Cucumber – a fruity and luscious floral epicure. On the other hand, the bright and whimsical notes of Poppy Flower make it more than just a fragrance. Everything that represents the Coach Poppy lifestyle, attitude and spirit is best exemplified by this particular scent. As a result, you imbibe its playful sexiness and dewy freshness to your own personality.

A Fashion-Forward Choice

In choosing the right scent, one must consider her personality, moods, activities and lifestyle. There is a scent that matches you and your preference. However, it does not end there yet because it is a fact that a fragrance does not smell the same for all people. If the scent smells good to you after the passage of few minutes, it means it suits you for it reacts kindly with your skin.

As a fashion-forward Poppy consumer, your choice of fragrance also evolves as time passes by in order to reflect the unique and unforgettable lifestyle you want to live. The vibrant fruit bouquet that Poppy Flower emanates is an irresistibly chic and flirty depiction of your personality. With just one spritz, you can bring that “anything is possible” aura. So embrace the “poppy” and you’ll soon receive heaps of praise not only for the bright and whimsical scent you wear but also for the confidence you bring every step you take.