An oriental floral fragrance for women, Diesel Loverdose Tattoo is a 2011 fragrance out of the youth-oriented Italian fashion house, Diesel. Inspired by intricate black and white tattoos, this fragrance is surprising complex. It is dark and moody, with overtones of seduction and obsession, as if once one smells it, she can’t get enough of it.

Despite its edgy bottle, a coal-dark version of Diesel’s signature faceted heart, the perfume inside is actually warm and comfortable, as if a harsh exterior can sometimes be a mask for a softer interior. The ads are modern and chic, with a gorgeous brunette with smoky eyes and a sexy back tattoo promising, “I will tattoo your heart.”

Launched in 2013, Loverdose Tattoo is the result of collaboration between Pascal Gaurin and Anne Flipo. The fragrance is deliciously gourmand with rice pudding, milk, vanilla and fruity accords, but it’s not an overly sweet perfume. Instead, its unique blend of basic food elements comes across as comforting and a tad playful. It’s understated and seductive, with a sultry combo of floral and oriental scents that give the fragrance an almost dessert-like quality. Dessert is an indulgence, but one that is often too tempting to ignore.

Diesel Loverdose Tattoo Notes

The Diesel Loverdose Tattoo perfume opens with a complex blend of bergamot, cassis and mandarin orange, a delectable start to a richly sophisticated mixture that is aggressively flirty. It’s like a beautiful woman coming on to a guy in as obvious a way possible. The beginning of this fragrance is designed to leave men craving more. Just one whiff is not enough when it comes to this delicious and tempting aroma.

The floral heart is enticing and alluring, with notes of jasmine sambac, orange blossom and rose blooming in rhythm with the fading of the gourmand opening. The floral combination creates a sense of intrigue, making one want to draw nearer and take a deeper breath. Be careful, though, as the lovely dessert-like opening is still lingering just above the heart, making the scent almost good enough to eat.

The sumptuous base of the Diesel Loverdose Tattoo perfume is the lasting scent that will remind one of the tattoo it’s supposed to represent. Its vanilla, tonka bean, rice and milk form a blend that isn’t soon forgotten. In fact, it is the most memorable part of the perfume. Not only is it a comforting blanket with which to curl up in on a cold winter night, but it’s also a delicious bowl of creamy rice pudding topped with a spoonful of sweetly tart berries. As everyone knows, the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach and Tattoo hits the mark without wavering.

Contradiction in a Bottle

Diesel Loverdose TattooSeveral user reviews were used in creating this Diesel Loverdose review, since many women have found this perfume intoxicating and irresistible. One reviewer indicated the fragrance is definitely not for teenagers. Even though it’s filled with delicious gourmand notes, the resulting blend is highly sophisticated and mature. What particularly struck users was the contradiction between the jagged, multifaceted bottle and the sweet, comforting contents. As in real life, nothing is what it seems. Based on the bottle alone, this perfume should be dark and fierce, but even though it’s darker than its predecessor Diesel Original for Women, it’s really a light fragrance that is seductive in a deceptive way. One might expect it to be harsh because of the angular bottle, but in actuality, the fragrance is sumptuous enough to draw people in close.

Still, there is enough mystery in the bottle to keep people guessing about the intention of the fragrance. People who have given a Diesel Loverdose review have said it smells a little like Kenzo Amour, but its unique blend is something they just can’t quite place. It’s familiar, but not classic. It’s like a memory one can’t quite conjure in the mind. It’s there somewhere and maybe it will appear in sleep, but for now, it’s just slightly out of reach.

Most reviewers said Diesel Loverdose Tattoo is the complete opposite of Loverdose Original. While that perfume was heavy with licorice and root beer, this fragrance is light with cream and berries. Users say women who did not like Loverdose Original will absolutely love Loverdose Tattoo. Everything from the bottle to the final base note is fresh and new.

Designed for the hard-edged woman who has a softer, sensual side, the perfume lasts for a moderate amount of time and has soft silage that may require more than one spray during the day to keep the perfume from fading. Recommended for nighttime winter use, some users found it suitable for daytime wear, but again, it may need to be re-spritzed in the afternoon to refresh the fragrance. Diesel Loverdose Tattoo is available in 30 ml, 50 ml and 75 ml bottles.