Escada Born in Paradise perfume instantly transports anyone in the vicinity to a tropical dreamland, where colorful flowers, white-sand beaches, clear blue waters and juicy, fresh fruits are abundant. The mind can’t help but escape to a lush summer day even on the coldest of winter days with one whiff of Escada Born in Paradise. The sweet and enchanting fruits blend together to create a truly carefree fragrance that is both exuberant and tantalizing. The perfect summer scent, this perfume, which debuted in 2014, is the 22nd limited edition fragrance out of the house of Escada. If summer could be bottled, Escada Born in Paradise would be it. Bright and sunny right from the start, this exotic blend of fruits will pull the wearer to a secluded tropical beach, where Pina coladas and strawberry daiquiris are the drinks of choice. Imagine lying out under the sun, with the scent of coconut in the air. This is Escada Born in Paradise. This is the scent of a luxury vacation.

The Company

Established in 1976, American Wolfgang Ley and his Swedish wife, Margaretha founded the fashion house of Escada, named after a racehorse. Escada began with women’s fashion, but branched out into men’s ware soon after. The company got its huge break in 1984 when Vogue magazine featured the fashion of Escada in a multi-page spread. Regarded as one of the most prestigious fashion brands in the world, Escada expanded its line to fragrances, eye ware and fashion accessories in 1995. Escada is known for its attention to detail, lavish materials, brilliant colors and professional manufacturing. The company also creates fashion for its ready-to-wear lines, including Escada, Escada Sport and Escada Couture. Some of the most popular perfumes to come out of Escada include Lily Chic, Bouquet, Loving and Tropical Punch for women and Casual Friday cologne for men. The company has also recently released several other fragrances, including Pacific Paradise, Moon Sparkle, Sunset Heat, Magnetism and Rockin rio. Escada Born in Paradise features the house’s signature tropical blends, seeking to transport its consumers to a beach setting even if they can’t go there physically.

Escada Born in Paradise Has Exotic Tropical Notes

The top notes burst forth with a juicy combination of green apple, watermelon and guava, enticing the senses with a fruity collection of tropical flavors designed to lure you into paradise. One word to describe the opening of this fragrance is “happy.” People can’t help but feel exuberant when they smell this tropical sensation. Not only does it bring back memories of a romantic beach vacation, but it also pleases the senses with a delicious blend of fresh fruits to delight emotions. The fruit cocktail continues with the heart of the fragrance, bringing in creamy coconut milk and mouth-watering pineapple to create the perfect tropical treat. The dominant scent of coconut is a silky and subtle hint of suntan lotion and beams of sunlight, while the quieter pineapple surrounds coconut, enhancing it with occasional bursts of juicy sweetness. Escada Born in Paradise is the essence of summer, and coconut and pineapple are two of the best-loved scents of the season. The base comes in light and refreshing with sandalwood, cedar and musk trailing on the heels of the Pina colada heart. These accords add a creamy undertone to a relaxing day on the beach, finishing with a carefree slow dance as the spectacular sunset fades on the ocean’s horizon. Although this fragrance is mainly fun and fresh, the base notes add a sultry and tantalizing end to a day in paradise.

The Bottle And Free Sample

Escada-Born-in-Paradise-FragranceThe tropical theme of the Escada Born in Paradise perfume begins with the aqua-blue bottle accented with an island flower on the silver cap. The flacon is in the basic shape of a pineapple, as are all of Escada’s signature fragrances, but for this particular perfume, the shape is apropos, with the heart bursting forth with juicy pineapple. Imprinted on the front in white is the flowing petal of a tropical flower lightly contrasted with the darker font spelling out Escada Born in Paradise. Its container is even more tropical than the bottle, with the portrait of an island woman looking coyly from the package. She is surrounded by the tropical flowers and fruits that are native to tropical areas. She holds in her hand, a pink umbrella to shield her delicate skin from the warm rays of the sun. The sky is bright blue, without a cloud to be seen, just a morning in paradise might be. Two tropical birds make their appearance on the container, with their colorful feathers resonating with the bright fragrance insice. Escada Born in Paradise is available in 30 ml, 50 ml and 100 ml Eau de Toilette bottles and a 150 ml body lotion. A free sample is available at Macy’s Department Store and online at Escada website.