For the man who wants to be a star comes the first fragrance for men in nine years from the house of Fendi. Fan di Fendi pour Homme is powerful and charismatic. It draws an audience in, just as a performer on the stage or the leading man in a movie is too compelling not to watch. The man who wears this scent is seductive and charming, a dangerous combination. He is all man and the centerpiece of the show.

For these reasons, and many more, Mark Ronson, DJ, producer and musician, is the ideal face of Fan di Fendi for Men. Ronson reflects the masculinity that is bottled in every flacon of this fragrance. He is electrifying and humble all at once, but his confidence never wanes. He has a style that’s all his own and chooses to enhance it with Fan di Fendi pour Homme.

The house of Fendi took a break of almost a decade between releases of men’s perfumes, but the wait was worth it. In fall of 2012, Fan di Fendi perfume hit the market to complement the feminine version of the Fan di Fendi perfume, Fan di Fendi Extreme. Mysterious and a little moody, this fragrance is intended to be modern, yet fresh. It is refined and dignified, but it has a fun side too.

Notes of Fan di Fendi Pour Homme

It seems no man’s fragrance would be complete without the scent of fresh air, and Fan di Fendi for men is no exception. It opens with a peppery citrus accord that is sweet and syrupy, but not at all obnoxious. In fact, it is inviting and original, with notes that sing confidence and cleanliness – something women always want to get close to. The scent is light but powerful, as one would imagine with the combination of citrus and pepper.

The heart of Fan di Fendi pour Homme rides in on the coattails of the citrus and pepper, bringing with it notes of sweet geranium leaf, rose hips and cardamom. It has a hint of red pepper to carry the top notes through the middle. The masculine scent of soft woods, including Texan cedar, makes an appearance on center stage, as if to say the star has arrived. The urban scent is modern and sophisticated: no one doubts who is in control with this fragrance.

The base brings in the classic masculine scents of leather, patchouli and tonka bean, but they don’t override the spices of the heart. In fact, they interweave with the pepper and cardamom so skillfully that it’s hard to tell where the heart ends and the base begins. While most of the base is as smooth as Italian leather, the spices continue to pop up every now and then, giving a classic scent a very modern twist. The dry down lasts for hours, long after the star has left the stage. However, the leather shines in its own right, stepping from the shadows of spice to create a distinctly masculine scent.

The Bottle

Fan di Fendi pour HommeFan di Fendi pour Homme comes in an amazing black bottle with a clear glass front that displays the precious gold liquid inside. The gold juxtaposed with the black gives the fragrance an edge that carries through to the scent’s opening and heart. The square bottle is all business, but the signature Fendi square buckle in the center of the square is the standout star. The bottle is modern and sophisticated, with sharp lines and rigid structure. Fan di Fendi is imprinted in white at the bottom of the bottle and “Fendi” is also found on the black cap.

The container will stand out in any fragrance collection, as it begs attention all on its own. The eye and hand are drawn to its mysterious shape and color. Perhaps expecting a warm and comforting Oriental scent because of the black and gold, the wearer is likely surprised by the fresh scent that is usually contained in blue or green bottles. That’s not the only surprise awaiting the man who wears Fan di Fendi pour Homme. The citrusy and spicy notes are a welcome blend for a man who wants to be the center of attention.


Reviewers love Fan di Fendi pour Homme. They call it the quintessential masculine fragrance, full of power and prestige. The scent is perfect for formal occasions, but it’s also mysterious enough for a night out on the town. Although the fragrance is modern and fresh, some reviewers believe it has a hint of tradition, making it a favorite among men of all ages. As one man said, “Everyting about Fan di Fendi Pour Homme drips class, subtlety and quality, right down to the elegant package.” It is the height of masculinity, full of power and control.

Most reviewers pegged Fan di Fendi for Men as a fall or winter fragrance that has decent longevity and silage. Although there might be some hints of Fendi’s original men’s fragrance drifting in the background of Fan di Fendi pour Homme, it is still entirely its own scent, strong and classy. While some men believe it is strictly a nighttime fragrance, others thought it could be worn in the office or on an “afternoon stroll.”

Along with the leather in the base, some reviewers picked up a distinctly tobacco-like scent, sweet and spicy all at the same time. It’s not smoky, but instead fresh and wild, almost as if it is waiting to be lit and turned into smoldering ash. Some reviewers said it reminded them of other scents, but they couldn’t pin them down. Fan di Fendi pour Homme skillfully blends the traditional with the modern to create an almost familiar fragrance that conjures good memories, but none that can be clearly seen.

One thing is for sure: the scent is not for jeans and a t-shirt. Men who wear Fan di Fendi pour Homme should be well-dressed to put their best foot forward. Just as this fragrance is the star among men’s fragrances, the man who wears it will have all eyes upon him.