Fendi L’Acquarossa Perfume ReviewIntroduced in 2013, Fendi L’Acquarossa is an oriental floral perfume designed for experienced, sophisticated and elegant women. The perfumers Benoit Lapouza, Delphine Lebeau and Francois Demachy developed a fragrance that would spark memories of Rome and the strong, powerful women who make bold and unconventional decisions.

The square red and gold bottle is a modern and mature container designed to attract stylish and sophisticated women. The geometrically perfect shape is reminiscent of Roman architecture, but with contemporary lines to connote modern luxury. The Fendi name is represented by the hallmark interlaced Fs in rich gold that offsets the deep, royal red. Fendi L’Acquarossa is available in three sizes, 30 ml, 50 ml ad 100 ml. It is also available in a shower gel, deodorant and body lotion for women who prefer to scent their skin in a subtler manner.

Fendi L’Acquarossa Notes

One of the most complicated blends on the market, Fendi L’Acquarossa tells a story of a powerful, independent and bold woman who wants a confident, yet feminine scent for a night out on the town. The scent is hardly overpowering, but instead gives the impression of understated class and elegance. The fragrance is not for the woman who needs to be the center or attention, but is meant for someone who knows who she is and is comfortable in her own skin.

The opening notes are the vivacious Italian scents of Sicilian tangerine and Calabrian Bergamot. Plum accord rounds out the top notes as the scent gently moves into the heart with rose, magnolia, orange blossom and Lantana flower. Finally, the base presents and ultra-sophisticated blend of Indonesian patchouli, musk and red cedar, all elegant and alluring fragrances that underscore femininity.

Fendi L’Acquarossa is bold and elegant, with opulent overtones of florals and woods. Its oriental base lends itself to evening wear, but it is light enough to use in the daytime as well, especially for situations that call for a little fierceness disguised as femininity. The scent combinations are as complex as the women who wear the perfume.

The Audience

This is a grown up perfume meant for mature women who have established themselves as powerful and bold. However, women who will be drawn to Fendi L’Acquarossa are those who want to exude femininity at the same time they are projecting confidence and fearlessness. This is no flowery and flirty fragrance to be worn by young women who are still searching for their place in life. The women of Rome are visionaries: strong, free and fiery. This is the scent of women who dare to dream big.

The red and gold of the bottle are designed to attract women who desire class and sophistication, as the two colors are closely associated with wealth and opulence. The distinctive square bottle is a treasure among the numerous tall bottles with curvaceous lines already on the perfume shelves. A woman looking for something special among the multitude of conventional fragrances will recognize the mark of royalty as soon as they spot the modern, yet traditional container.

The Advertising Campaign

The face of Fendi L’Acquarossa is French singer and actress Chiara Charlotte Mastroianni. Her selection as the representative of such a sophisticated fragrance was not by chance. Fendi’s affinity for cinematography as evidenced in the exhibition “Making Dreams: Fendi and the Cinema” led the perfumer to select the daughter of Marcello Mastroianni and Catherine Deneuve, both of whom contributed to the rise of cinema in Europe.

The advertisement featuring Chiara Charlotte Mastroianni shows the actress in a tan dress outlined in red lounging on a Romanesque male sculpture. The red in the dress, along with the paint on her toenails exactly matches the red on the Fendi L’Acquarossa bottle. In the background, is a blurred image of the Roman countryside, giving the overall impression of sensuality and romance. The campaign is photographed by French fashion photographer and music video director Jean-Baptiste Modino.

Like a fine red wine, Fendi L’Acquiarossa is meant to be enjoyed by connoisseurs of elegance and sophistication. Women who are bold and fierce by day but soft and feminine by night will enjoy the complexity of a scent that completely understands the two very different sides of the modern woman.