Inspired by flowers, princesses and young ladies of nobility, there exists a perfect scent for young ladies and daresay, those young at heart. Flora by Gucci evokes feminine elegance, sophistication and sensuality – subtle yet unforgettable.

A Glimpse at the Classic Craftman’s Story

Gucci, one of the world’s most luxurious brands and well-renowned fashion authority, created the Flora perfume. Gucci, which has started as a leather goods and small luggage store, was established in Florence, Italy in 1921. Guccio Gucci visualized his products fitting anyone in search for classy purses and elegant handbags to fit their individual distinct tastes and lifestyle.

Having extreme concern for excellent craftsmanship and high quality, Gucci has come a very long way bearing its signature logo. It has fortified its kingdom in the fashion industry with creations of luggage, sportswear, jewelry, clothing fashion accessories and fragrances.

The house of Gucci conquered the world with its brand of luxury and its products are widely loved and patronized. Its products are considered as the statement to the status and image of success and classic sophistication of its clientele. Gucci became famous to the who’s who of the society, not merely because of its excellent quality products but arguably more because owning products bearing the Gucci brand mark became a status symbol.

The enormous success of the company was brought to new heights as it opened stores in key cities around the world. It was a status symbol of the times and yet, the fame and recognition that go along with it are marred by family turmoil and disagreements. In the 1990’s, the newest executive head of Gucci, Tom Ford, brought the apparently ailing business back to the center of superb chicness.

An Iconic Scent

The house of Gucci launched its first line of fragrances in 1933. It was not its main business but the unique scent and posh design made it a popular choice among customers all over the world. It was in 1975 when Gucci launched its fragrance line.

The creation of the perfume Flora by Gucci in April 2009 was inspired by the floral design of the scarf designed by Vittorio Accomero and especially made by Gucci for Princess Grace of Monaco in 1966. The Flora foulard legacy is best exemplified by this particular Gucci scent.

According to Gucci’s genius creative director, Frida Giannini, Flora by Gucci can be considered as the younger sister of Gucci by Gucci for Women which was launched much earlier. Both Gucci by Gucci and Flora by Gucci symbolize classic sophistication; however, the latter is especially directed for the needs of the more adventurous younger women.

Bouquet of Floral Fragrance

Flora by Gucci perfume is highlighted by notes of rose, pink pepper, patchouli, peony, sandalwood, osmanthus and citrus. The seductive layers brought by the fruity-floral combination mirror the clean and playful details as well as the vibrant colors of this fashion empire.

Chic Daytime Staple

Though Gucci Flora perfume is often associated with someone in the mid-20s, it won’t feel out of place on a perky 5-year-old or a feisty octogenarian lady. While it is true that skin chemistry is a factor in choosing the right perfume, it can be worn practically by women of any age.

Flora wearers find the product to satisfactorily suit them – received heaps of favorable compliments from their significant other and even co-workers. The perfume is never overpowering, strong nor overwhelming but just enough to leave a lingering light and cheerful scent – recommended for day wear, casual occasions and informal gatherings. It is the perfect go-to accessory on a romantic weekend getaway or a relaxing brunch with girlfriends.

Posh Packaging

flora by gucciFlora by Gucci is contained in a hexagonal shaped bottle with black and white Gucci monogram print and accented by a tiny black ribbon daintily tied in its neck and covered by black cap. To finish the look, it is packaged in a white box with black horizontal stripe toward the bottom part, giving an overall classic and elegant appeal.

Flora by Gucci Perfume Gift set can also be purchased, and may include a combination of fragrance such as in Eau de Parfum (EDP) or Eau de Toilette (EDT) as well as body lotion and shower gel or body bath.

Flora By Gucci Garden Collection

Under Flora by Gucci, a collection of five new fragrances was launched to define the different facets of femininity. The Flora by Gucci Garden Collection includes Gorgeous Gardenia, Gracious Tuberose, Glorious Mandarin, Generous Violet and Glamorous Magnolia.

Quoting Frida Gianini, “With Flora by Gucci, I wanted to express the loveliness of the Flora woman, charming, romantic and optimistic. Now with The Flora Garden Collection I am celebrating the multi-faceted way the Gucci woman expresses her personality.”

  1. Gorgeous Gardenia

Gorgeous Gardenia defines the warm and sensual feminine side with its fruity, sweet, floral notes such as White Gardenia, Red Berries, Patchouli and Pear. Its addictive scent makes it irresistible to bees. If that is the effect you want on your date, then it is a must-try. But don’t say you were not warned.

  1. Gracious Tuberose

The Gracious Tuberose perfume highlights women’s quality of grace under pressure like the tuberose’s loveliness. This shows the elegance of a woman who faces life with refined charm, romance and optimism. The distinct ‘Old World’ feel lent by its notes such as Tuberose, White Cedarwood, Orange Flower, Rose, Violet and Cistus is like a reminder of Hollywood movies in the past. If that is something that evokes your personality, this might be the fragrance for you.

  1. Glorious Mandarin

Picture sun, sea and sand with you on your most favorite beach wear. That is what Glorious Mandarin is all about. It emphasizes excitement and enthusiasm like the citrusy, sweet fruit mandarin after which it was named. It portrays the vibrant energy essential for facing life with optimism and high spirits. The notes of Mandarin, Ambergis, Pina Colada, Jasmine, Peony and White Musk will instantly transport you to a paradise getaway.

  1. Generous Violet

Generous Violet gives regard to the enigma of femininity thanks to its notes such as Violet leaves and petals as well as Oris and Suede. The woody floral scent is a sophisticated salute to the rich and intoxicating Violet. From note to note, it gradually unravels like a well-kept secret. If you want a powdery and breathtaking fragrance that represents your mysterious side, this is your bet.

  1. Glamorous Magnolia

Partiality to scent is a personal preference and yet, Glamorous Magnolia seems to have a stronger hold over its users than any of the scents in the Flora by Gucci Garden Collection. Green leaves, citrus zest and freesia are its top notes while magnolia and peony are its heart notes. Sandalwood, warm chocolate and musk are its base notes. When combined, it makes for an alluring and spellbinding woman. It exudes confidence and charisma – something every woman craves to have.

Each scent in the garden collection is elegantly packaged in clear, hexagonal glass bottles with black cap as they attractively showcase the color of the perfume inside them depending on the scent. A black ribbon, decorated by bamboo tassels on each end, beautifully accents each bottle.

The Flora Garden Collection bottle container is taller than the classic Flora by Gucci bottle, as a reflection of the slender lines of the stem of a flower. This enhances the total floral theme. Finally, as homage to founder Guccio Gucci’s signature, cursive Flora font is used.

Gracious Tuberose, Gorgeous Gardenia, and Glamorous Magnolia are sold in 50 ml and 100 ml bottles in all Gucci and Macy’s stores nationwide. Glorious Mandarin and Generous Violet are exclusive to Gucci shops.