With all the humor that typifies George Takei, known for playing the role of Hikaru Sulu on Star Trek, comes a playful new fragrance named for Takei’s signature catch phrase, “Oh My.” Eau My cologne debuted in December 2013 and has already proven to be so popular that many distributors cannot keep it in stock. George Takei has a huge following on Facebook, which is why he formally announced his new fragrance on the social media site.

The tagline for George Takei Eau My is “Set Phasers for stunning,” a clear reference to his work on the science fiction movies and is also intended to market the fragrance to Trekkies, the name for the devoted fans that have followed the Star Trek movies from the very beginning. Designed for both men and women, George Takei Eau My appeals to multi generations who grew up watching Takei on the big screen.

Personally designed by Takei under a licensing agreement with Tru Fragrance & Beauty, Eau My perfume is the latest in Star-Trek related fragrances manufactured by Genki Wear, including Sulu and Shirtless Kirk. Genki Wear was eventually bought out by Palm Beach Beaute. The developer behind George Takei Eau My is Omni Consumer Products, which spent more than a year creating the fragrance. Eau My was originally conceived when actor Will Wheaton sent a tweet to George in 2012, making it the first fragrance to be created from a tweet.

George Takei Eau My Notes

Clean and refreshing, George Takei Eau My begins with subtle notes of Italian bergamot, Mandarin zest and fresh ozone. It’s a respectful scent that doesn’t full-on assault the nose when sprayed on the body, which is similar to the respect millions of people have for George Takei and his courageous campaign to support gay rights. As Eau My perfume is meant for either a man or a woman, the fragrance initially does not have any strictly feminine or masculine notes. It is the smell of clean, like fresh linens right out of the dryer.

The top notes transition to a floral heart, replete with accords of jasmine and white freesia. Grated ginger gives the fragrance a slight kick, making it seem a little mysterious and a lot of fun. The 76-year-old Takei is still living life to its fullest, enjoying his journey and mixing in some surprises now and then. The heart of Eau My cologne perfectly embraces Takei’s philosophy of embracing life’s joys and challenges with the same positive attitude.

Soft skin musk, crystalized amber, vetiver and tantalizing woods make their appearance in the base of George Takei Eau My. Warm and inviting, the dry-down period of Eau My cologne is like a comforting embrace of a dear loved one. Takei’s followers are known to call him “Uncle George,” which matches this phase of the fragrance perfectly, as it feels familiar and homey. Still, the ingredients combine to give the base a slightly sensual feel that is just right for first dates or anniversary celebrations.

The Bottle

George Takei Eau MyGeorge Takei Eau My is bottled in a glass flacon that is light blue with a silver cap. Its shape is nothing out of the ordinary, taking on the familiar square shape that is common among men’s fragrances. Although this scent can be worn by either a man or a woman, its packaging is more masculine in design. The intertwined GT is prominently imprinted in silver on the front of the bottle, along with Eau My right below the letters. Finally George Takei’s name is at the bottom of the bottle, again imprinted in silver.

The box is a little more feminine, with a quilt pattern adoring both the top and bottom of the all-white container. In the middle of the box is the same GT, Eau My and George Takei lettering that is on the actual perfume bottle. The whiteness of the box is perfectly in line with the clean and refreshing scent that waits inside the bottle. Moreover, both the box and the bottle are classy and dignified, just like George Takei has been for so many years. George Takei Eau My is available in a 50 ml bottle through Amazon.


Although the fragrance has only been out for a few months, reviewers are definitely in love with the Eau My name and the tag phrase. They also like the additional marketing caption, “Tell them George scent you,” as it continues the word play that Takei is so famous for. Most reviewers agree the name and scent are exactly what George Takei stands for: humor, respect and fun.

Men and women who are looking for an understated cologne or perfume that is both playful and fun, yet contains serious notes throughout, will do well to purchase George Takei Eau My. Not only will they smell good, but they will be channeling a little bit of the Star Trek magic at the same time.