Out of the house of Armani, a division of L’Oreal Luxe comes the company’s first pillar fragrance for women since the introduction of Acqua di Gioia in 2010. Giorgio Armani Si is inspired by the chypre fragrances preferred by Armani’s mother. Branded as a sophisticated chypre, Giorgio Armani Si perfume is marketed toward the working woman, whose confidence is only enhanced by her modern femininity. She is the epitome of grace, but is also fiercely independent and self-assured.

The fact of Giorgio Armani Si is Australian actress Cate Blanchett. Older than most Armani’s models, Blanchett is the ideal front for this grownup scent. Armani and Blanchett have long shared a professional relationship, but this is the first time the two have collaborated on a product. Blanchett has been seen wearing Armani fashions on the red carpet and has often spoken about how much she admires him. Blanchett is currently rehearsing a play at the Sydney Theatre Company, but has taken time to film the advertisements for Giorgio Armani Si.

Christine Nagel, who has also developed Miss Dior Cherie and Miss Dior Cherrie Extrait de Parfum for the Armani house, is the nose behind this fragrance. The blend is a perfect balance of musk and fruit, femininity and independence, just as Armani’s modern woman is. Nagel based her formula on Armani’s favorite scent: chypre, which is a blend of patchouli, balsam and mossy notes. She also included black currant, which is another of Armani’s preferred scents, vanilla, freesia and rose to create a very unique and sophisticated fragrance.

Giorgio Armani Si Notes

Belonging to the floral woody category, Giorgio Armani Si opens with an energetic blend of Sicilian bergamot, blackcurrant and Mandarin oil to heighten the senses from the first whiff. This is the elegance Armani visions in the modern working woman. It is chic and feminine, perfectly in tune with the girly side of all women. The scent is immediately alluring, with its citrusy-sweet opening designed to draw people into the fascinating world of the confident, yet flirty woman.

The heart is a soft floral middle with the slightly sweet accords of freesia and rose, with just a touch of creamy vanilla to tie it all together. The result is an intelligent blend of floral and gourmand scents that tantalize the senses. The fragrance is growing bolder at this phase, but it is still very feminine and subtly seductive. The hint of vanilla is almost powder in nature, almost as if it’s a strand of cotton candy running through an otherwise savory fragrance.

The base is where Giorgio Armani Si shines. It is a true chypre, with strong notes of patchouli oil, amber, Orcanox and woods. The vanilla from the heart sticks around, a sweet reminder of the feminine floral notes, but the base is all about independence and confidence. It is still chic and elegant, but there is a power in the scent that exudes power and modernity. The woman who wears this scent is intelligent and free from the traditional restraints of traditional female roles and expectations.

The Bottle

Giorgio Armani Si fragrance is Harrods exclusiveThe bottle that contains Giorgio Armani Si is classically feminine, with a pink hue juxtaposed against a bold black cap. The glass bottle is imprinted with a black “Si” in the middle and Giorgio Armani at the bottom. If the bottle represents the feminine aspect of the fragrance, then the cap represents the independence and fierceness that are characteristic of the modern working woman. There is no doubt, from looking at the bottle, that Giorgio Si perfume is made for the mature woman, perhaps between the ages of 35 and 50. This woman knows what she wants and she isn’t afraid to go after it.

The box in which the bottle is packages, is similarly pink with black lettering, except for the “eau de parfum which is in a light gold, almost invisible against the pale pink of the background. It looks as though it belongs in a high-end department store, which is exactly where it can be found. This is no cheap knockoff perfume. It is a premium fragrance designed for women who are already in the stage of their life where they want to be as independent as possible while still retaining their ultimate femininity.


No Giorgio Armani Si review would be complete without an examination of some of the early reviews that are out about this fragrance. Most reviewers are entranced by the unique blend of feminine scents with more powerful undertones that are often associated with male colognes. One woman who was fortunate enough to try the fragrance said the perfume starts out tart and juicy, but that patchouli is in the background all the way through.

This particular reviewer also said, “I love chypre style fragrances and I love gourmands. This perfume combines both.” This dichotomy of sweet and serious is exactly what Armani intended when he conceived the product. The scent is long-lasting, with the base notes lingering on the skin long after the top and heart have faded into nothingness. In fact, one reviewer said she feels “wise and elegant” when she wears the perfume, tapping into that independence Armani so favors.

While this perfume is undoubtedly for the sophisticated woman, reviewers say it can be worn at any time of the day during any season of the year. It is light and dark, cool and warm, so it is perfect for any occasion, formal or informal. The floral is not overpowering, but it’s still there, making it subtle enough to wear in an office setting, but the chypre notes make it perfect for a date or night out on the town. According to one reviewer, this fragrance is a “masterpiece” and a “revolutionary perfume,” exactly what one would expect from a visionary like Giorgio Armani.

Giorgio Armani Si is available in 30, 50 and 100 ml Eau de Parfum, with the 100 ml bottle retailing for about $180. It is not yet sold in the United States, but will be launched stateside in the early part of 2014.