Made to Measure is a new fragrance for men released by Gucci and is the second in a pair of scents that began with Gucci’s introduction of Premier for Women in 2012. The two fragrances are intended to bring back the classic style of Hollywood, evoking memories of a bygone fashion era that is symbolized by the black tuxedo of Frank Sinatra and the formal red-carpet gown of Ava Gardner.

Gucci Made to Measure is a tip of the hat to Gucci’s classic bespoke suit that is custom-made for the stylish and sophisticated man. The classic masculine scent is well-blended, but every now and then, a modern accord pops up to remind the wearer that the fragrance is not always what it seems. For the most part, though, the scent behaves like a well-groomed man intent on making a good impression. Just as Gucci’s bespoke suit is tailored for each individual, Gucci Made to Measure seems to smell just a little differently on each man who wears it. Perhaps this is the genius of the scent as it really is Made to Measure.

Gucci Made to Measure Notes

Men who take immense pride in the way they look will appreciate the clean, freshly-washed opening of Gucci Made to Measure fragrance. It flows like spun silk with accords of Calabrain bergamot, French lavender and Tunisian neroli, capturing the intimacy of a recent shower. The brightness of the citrus notes is tempered by warm anise, which adds a touch of mischievous spice. Although the fragrance is anything but gourmand, the scents of nutmeg and cinnamon carefully sprinkled over sweet and juicy plum is a delicious addition that is irresistible and enticing.

The true masculine nature of Gucci Made to Measure comes through in the heart, when water lily and juniper cut through the soft spices to give it a slightly floral feel. The lingering scents from the ripe fruity opening give the fragrance a taste of modern masculinity, straying just far enough from the classic accords to make sure it is understood that this is not a grandfather’s scent. The masterfully blended heart is a refined and sophisticated combination, but it stops short of being overly formal. Instead, it exposes a sensitive side to masculinity that makes a man all that more attractive.

The dry-down period for Gucci Made to Measure is just as cultivated as the rest of the fragrance. The scent turns slightly oriental, with an expertly balanced combination of patchouli, labdanum and amber. Leather, Gucci’s signature note in men’s fragrances, makes an appearance in the base, but is tempered by the sweet woods that make this scent more elegant than many of the other Gucci fragrances for men. It isn’t overwhelming by any means and would be well-received in a casual or formal setting alike.

The Bottle

Gucci Made to MeasureJust as Gucci Made to Measure fragrance is meant to feel like a perfect-fitting suit, its bottle is designed to reflect the custom-made world of the Gucci man. Its distinctive hand-brushed gold cap is unlike any other, while the color scheme of pearl gray and slate is the epitome of the tailored suit that only the best-dressed men wear. Distinguished and elegant, the bottle is very representative of the refined liquid inside.

Of course, no Gucci bottle leaves the fashion house without the signature of Gucci’s founder, Guccio Gucci. For this scent, it is inscribed in black enamel just below the Gucci label. Gucci’s famous horse bit is captured in the bottle’s cap, as if to bring attention to the fragrance’s iconic foundations. The box is decorated with the familiar Diamante pattern that Gucci has been known for since the 1930s and includes the Gucci web stripe that emphasizes the classic nature of both the packaging and the fragrance itself. It is available in a 50 ml size for $68 and a 90 ml size for $88.

The Face of made to Measure

Gucci selected writer, director and actor James Franco to front its newest fragrance. Franco is both worldly and refined, a perfect match for this sophisticated scent. Gucci Made to Measure is designed for the man who stands out even when he doesn’t want to. Franco, as a famous celebrity, is one such man. He ensures his classic style that is reminiscent of Cary Grant and Clark Gable is always on display and his fragrance is just one of the many details that make his discerning taste above reproach.

James Franco is known for his roles in Oz: The Great and Powerful, Spring Breakers and As I Lay Dying. His ability to transform into his characters is one reason why Gucci chose this versatile man as its ambassador for its male fragrances. Gucci Made to Measure fragrance is as versatile as the man who wears it. It is completely appropriate for a day in the office, for drinks with the boys after work or for an intimate night out with a lovely lady. Just as a black suit can be worn anywhere, so can Gucci Made to Measure.

What Men are Saying

This Gucci Made to Measure review would not be complete without some comments for men who are already enamored with the fragrance. One older man who admits his tastes are more reserved than the younger crows says the scent is “a well-balanced, classy fragrance that, like a blue blazer, can be worn anytime of the year in any setting.” Another younger man said his girlfriend is in love with the scent’s distinctive masculinity that as excellent longevity and silage. Still another reviewer said the inclusion of water lily sets the Made to Measure fragrance apart from every other Gucci scent.

While many reviewers said the fragrance was understated, they also said it can’t be ignored either. It is sexy and strong, yet soft and fresh. This contradiction is what makes Gucci Made to Measure the ideal fragrance for any man. It brings out those characteristics he wants to cultivate and is truly a custom scent that is whatever the wearer wants it to be.