Hugo Boss Bottled Night is the scent of success. The man who wears this fragrance is ambitious and well-prepared to claw his way to the top of his personal career ladder. However, he doesn’t just wear this dark and mysterious scent during the day, he also uses it as his secret weapon after dark, as his confidence and determination spill over into alluring seduction.

This scent is no accidental composition that was thrown together at the last minute. Instead, it was carefully constructed to cultivate the masculine tendencies toward ambition and competition. Its blends are purposeful and intense, designed to instill confidence in any man who has something to conquer, be it to advance his career or to advance his personal life. It is an alluring scent that has a magnetic quality, drawing closer anyone who has the pleasure of smelling it.

Hugo Boss Bottled Night Notes

Categorized as a woody aromatic fragrance, Hugo Boss Bottled Night is the evening version of Boss Bottled fragrance for men, which made its debut in 1998. It is distinctive in its use of strictly masculine accords that are expertly combined to exude success. The scent begins with notes of lavender, citric lemon and bitter birch leaves, all scents that are closely associated with classic manhood.

The heart is a spicy floral, with Jasmine, cardamom and African violet swirling together to create a mysterious bold blend that prepares a man to take control of any situation. He is not a quiet wallflower who would never dare approach a woman. He is supremely confident without being cocky, as the floral heart shows he does have a sensitive side that he keeps well-hidden under his armor of Boss Bottled Night fragrance.

The base is an infusion of louro amarelo, an exotic woody note found only in the Amazon, with traditional musk and sandalwood. The fresh scent of the base is well-refined and sophisticated, but with an edge that keeps people guessing about the wearer’s intentions. Is he a nice guy looking for a nice companion or is he more of a predator on the prowl for a little bit of danger? Whatever his goal, the scent of Hugo Boss Bottled Night gives him the confidence to succeed.

The Packaging

Hugo Boss Bottled NightThe bottle that contains Hugo Boss Bottled Night is as dark as its contents. There is nothing even remotely feminine about this bottle, with its dark blue base fading into its black-as-night body and cap, just as late afternoon fades into evening. “Boss” is embossed lengthwise on the tall bottle, the raised lettering symbolizing the strength of masculinity and the smoothness of seduction. While the bottle itself does not have “Bottled Night” imprinted anywhere on the glass, the box, which is relatively plain in comparison to the bottle, does bear the fragrance’s name in small white letters.

The box mimics the blue-to-black fade of the bottle, but it is less striking because the bottom of the box is stark white as it describes the contents and volume of the fragrance. Although the box is hardly the essence of the fragrance, its simplistic form belies the confident fragrance inside. However, once the bottle is removed from the outer packaging, there is no question what this fragrance is all about: success. Hugo Boss Bottled Night is available in a 3.4 ounce spray for $35.99 and a 3.3 ounce eau de cologne for $42.99.

Ryan Reynolds: the Face of Hugo Boss Bottled Night

If ever there was a man who symbolizes success, actor Ryan Reynolds is it. His clean-cut good looks and bedroom eyes are both trusting and seductive, a dangerous combination. However, Hugo Boss Bottled Night is the ideal fragrance for such a man. Its cleanliness and freshness are trustworthy scents, but the new masculine accords of birch leaves and lauro amarello wood are mysterious and more than a little intriguing. The ad campaign featuring Reynolds shows him in a dark suit against the New York skyline at twilight. As he prepares to head out for the evening, he completes his masculine attire with Hugo Boss Bottled Night, almost guaranteeing his success.

In the commercial spot for Boss Bottled Night, Reynolds looks out upon the twinkling city, clearly hours after he prepared to conquer the night. As the fleeting image of a gorgeous woman approaches Reynolds, he slowly unbuttons his shirt and removes his cufflinks. The implication is obvious: Reynolds has done exactly what he intended to do. His night is successful, just as he knew it would be, just as his fragrance gave him the confidence to be. His slogan, “make the night yours,” gives little doubt that he has done just that.

Men Want the Success Implied by Boss Bottled Night

Most men who have tried Hugo Boss Bottled Night are impressed by its longevity and masculine appeal. Women who purchased it for men find it “sexy” and “incredible.” One man said he put some on before he went to bed and his wife could not keep her hands off of him. This reviewer also said he gets compliments from women all the time when he wears this fragrance. Whether or not Bottled Night is really success in a bottle is irrelevant. He feels more successful because of the positive comments he receives when wearing it.

Another female reviewer said she is “literally obsessed” with how the fragrance smells on her husband. With a Hugo Boss Bottled Night review like that, how could any man avoid purchasing this fragrance? She said the scent is both modern and seductive, a perfect combination for men who want to claim the night as their own, just as the ad campaign suggests they do. While some men said they caught some classic notes in the fragrance, most said it is a new and refreshing take on masculinity. It is unforgettable without being overwhelming, making it the perfect scent to wear in the office as well as out on the town.

Some reviewers said the scent is too powerful for younger men, but others said it was an excellent choice for men of any age. The consensus, though, is that Hugo Boss Bottled Night is a fragrance that should be in every successful man’s collection.