As if being a famous hip hop star and successful businessman weren’t enough, Jay Z has ventured into the fragrance arena as well, coming out with his new fragrance for men. Jay Z Gold Cologne was released in time for the 2013 holidays through Barneys in New York and is now on the shelves of department stores everywhere. Jay Z worked with Ilias Ermenidis, perfumer for Firmenich to create Jay Z Gold, who wanted to capture Jay Z’s natural charisma and effortless style.

Jay Z recently released his newest album, “Holy Grail,” which included a documentary film detailing the album’s development and release. The music video for “Holy Grail” was exclusively debuted on Facebook to mark the first time a song has ever used social media as a release platform. Although Jay Z continues to see immense success both with his music and his business empire, he continues to diversify his interests by coming up with new ventures. Jay Z Gold Cologne is one of those ventures that could prove to be highly profitable for the business mogul.

Bottled Cool

Jay Z has something that people want: his coolness. He is cool without even trying, and that is exactly what this fragrance is meant to symbolize. Ermenidis, the perfumer, said he was impressed by Jay Z’s easy confidence and style and wanted to capture his success in the Jay Z Gold perfume scent. Reports have said that Jay Z rejected 3,200 names for his fragrance before choosing the simple word “gold,” which conveys everything about Jay Z in just a single syllable.

The scent is described as a “white fougere,” which is a primarily male fragrance that consists of a combination of several different scents. The citrusy, fruity, spicy, creamy and woodsy notes in Jay Z Gold Cologne clearly falls within this definition. However, the fragrance is far from feminine. In fact, the scent perfectly conveys the words etched on the bottles cap, which are Courage, Strength, Success, Pride, Power and Confidence. Men who wear this fragrance will feel a little bit like Jay Z feels every time he steps out in public.

Jay Z Gold Cologne Notes

With the first sniff of Jay Z Gold Cologne, a bright blend of blueberry, grapefruit, ginger and cardamom tantalize the senses. There is a hint of lavender, although it is so subtle it barely registers. It’s almost like it has been put in the fragrance as a reminder of the past, but it’s so fuzzy that the memory never quite clears up. The opening is sweet, but not sickeningly so. It conveys exactly the confidence men want when they first put on a fragrance, whether it’s for a day in the office or a night on the town.

The heart brings spiciness to balance the sweetness of the top notes. The masculine bend of pink pepper, violet leaf and lavender speak loud and clear. The power and strength insinuated on the cap are felt in these middle notes. The richness of the heart encapsulates the fragrance’s name of Gold, emphasizing wealth and regality. This phase is full of opulence and sophistication, making it seem like a much more expensive fragrance than it really is. As Jay Z himself would say, appearances are everything.

The base notes are the success and pride of the fragrance, ushering in the dry-down period with the warm, masculine accords of teak, amber and vanilla. It is a nice clean scent with a fresh elegance that shines through, much like gold shines through all other metals and jewels. There is nothing above gold. It has caused fevers and rushes, and it still makes women swoon as soon as they see a glitter of the precious yellow metal. The fragrance doesn’t have to be fancy because gold is fancy enough on its own.

The Bottle

Jay Z Gold CologneThe flacon that contains Jay Z Gold is a sleek white container with the words “Gold” and “Jay Z” imprinted in the front in gold lettering. The “gold” appears to be raised, drawing the eye to the most important part of the bottle. Jay Z Gold fragrance also features a gold cap that is etched with “power,” “success,” “courage,” and other words that convey what type of liquid is contained inside.

The bottle, which is stark and unadorned, comes in a gold box that is very reminiscent of a bar of gold that might be found in the safe of a very prestigious bank. The same words, “Gold” and “Jay Z” are imprinted on the gold box in white lettering. The entire package is presented in a black leather gift box, perfect for gift-giving at the holidays or any time. The packaging screams masculinity, which is symbolized by the black leather combined with the bold gold accents. It is available in four different sizes: 15, 30, 50 and 90 ml starting at $39. One quarter of the profits are earmarked for The Shawn Carter Foundation, a non-profit organization that provides college scholarships to underprivileged students.


Many people who have had the good fortune of sampling Jay Z Gold Cologne are giving it excellent reviews. Overall, they find it slightly understated and an excellent choice for office wear as it won’t offend anyone with its silage. One reviewer called Jay Z Gold “distinguished,” while another referred to it as “elegant and sophisticated.” While some reviewers were initially put off by the fact that this is a celebrity fragrance, once they tried it, they discovered how different it is.

“I didn’t want to like it,” wrote one reviewer, “I picked up Jay Z Gold fragrance out of curiosity, and was surprised at how much I liked it. After smelling nearly everything else, I kept going back to Jay Z Gold.” Clearly the fragrance stands out amongst the thousands of other fragrances for men that vie for attention on the shelves of department stores. Designed as a year-round scent, Jay Z Gold Cologne will fit in nicely during the days of summer or the nights of winter.