Debuting in March, 2014, the perfume house of Jo Malone has developed a limited collection of four separate perfumes marketed under the collective name London Rain. The fragrances are: White Jasmine & Mint, Black Cedarwood & Juniper, Rain & Angelica, and Wisteria & Violet. Each scent is designed to symbolize a different type of rainy weather seen often in London. Having entered the world of perfume fairly recently, Jo Malone is a relative newcomer in the world of perfume. However, perfumer Christine Nagel has proven the Jo Malone label will continue to impress fragrance connoisseurs with this elegant line of perfumes that are simple, yet memorable.

Past Jo Malone scents have been friendly and sweet, reminiscent of a country garden party. They have been well-mannered and polite. However, women looking for an edgier scent with the hint of a dark side would have to seek their desires elsewhere. With the Jo Malone London Rain fragrance collection, though, these women can find exactly what they want in one of four tantalizing perfumes. Interestingly, not all scents in the London Rain perfume collection are exclusively for women. Men particularly enjoy the Black Cedarwood & Juniper entry, which is dark and edgy enough for even the most masculine guy.

Although master perfumer Christine Nagel moved to Hermes right after the release of Jo Malone London Rain, she has left a legacy at the company that will be difficult to duplicate in future scents. Nagel captures the British rain perfectly in her four fragrances. Whether it’s a romantic downpour or a mild drizzle or a wild and harsh nighttime storm, Nagel has ingeniously bottled the English obsession with the weather. Even though the British tend to gripe about the constant rain, many of them actually relish the grey, overcast days and find them cozy and refreshing. The four perfumes in the collection celebrate this obsession, starting with the re-release of the 2007 White Jasmine & Mint fragrance.

White Jasmine & Mint

Jo Malone London Rain White Jasmine & Mint PerfumeAlready a successful perfume that was launched in 2007, this re-release is designed to mimic the scent of a light afternoon rainstorm. It is a subtle cloudiness that sneaks up on a warm spring day. Refreshing and cool, this scent blesses the flower gardens with a sweet drink of water. Considered a white floral fragrance, this initial offering in the Jo Malone London Rain collection has a top note of sweet and tangy mint, followed by a blooming heart of jasmine. Certainly, the opening and middle are what give the perfume its name, but the base of slightly astringent mate.

This perfume smells like a walk in a flower garden after a short burst of rain, the kind that comes nearly every afternoon in London. It’s nothing that can’t be waited out, but it is a welcome break from the heat of the day, particularly on days that are less rainy than others. Although the mint, jasmine and mate are the most prominent notes in the bottle, lily, rose, and orange flower all make an appearance to recreate the flower garden in the middle of the rain shower. This scent is packaged in the green bottle of the London Rain collection.

Black Cedarwood & Juniper

Jo Malone London Rain Black Cedarwood & Juniper PerfumePackaged in the grey bottle, Black Cedarwood & Juniper is the most masculine of the four fragrances in the Jo Malone London Rain perfume collection. It is edgy and dark, just like London can be in the night, when a storm is brewing. Classified as woody, this modern and urban scent combines intense chili leaves, cumin, cedar, and juniper into a sultry fragrance that is perfect for a night out on the town. Of the four perfumes in the collection, Black Cedarwood & Juniper is less aquatic and more spice. There is an undercurrent of green leaves that is reminiscent of an evening downpour. This is not a rain anyone wants to be caught in. It’s biting and rough, and no matter what size umbrella a person has, the pelting drops will find their way to the skin.

This scent is a surprise in the collection because it’s not as obviously aquatic as the others. This is not the fresh spring rainfall that makes everything new again. This is the moody, urban deluge that can knock out power and flood a street. The layers in the perfume seem simple, but are actually a complex mix of light and dark fragrances, making it a satisfyingly composition for both men and women.

Rain & Angelica

Rain & AngelicaIn complete 180 degree turn from Black Cedarwood and Juniper is Rain & Angelica. This is the lightest fragrance of the Jo Malone London Rain collection. It is the dew that is present in London parks early in the morning, before the hustle and bustle of the day begins. It is a springtime rain that is clean and refreshing. The most aquatic of the quartet, Rain and Angelica is filled with lime, angelica, and warm vetiver. It opens fresh and happy, a sweet surprise on a summer morning. It ends with comfort and warmth as the sun rises in the sky and heats the day.

This is not an overpowering scent. It is light and meant to linger only the tiniest bit, just as a morning rain shower is gone before many people rise for the day. They can still smell a hint of the water in the air, enough to evoke the memory of waking in the rain on a spring day, but not enough to worry about getting out the umbrella. Packaged in the blue bottle, Rain & Angelica is the ideal aquatic scent for spring and summer.

Wisteria & Violet

Jo Malone London Rain Wisteria & Violet PerfumeA true floral perfume, Wisteria & Violet is the flower garden of the collection. While White Jasmine & Mint is a refreshing afternoon shower meant to make a garden grow, Wisteria & Violet is the garden after it has been plentifully watered and carefully tended. As its name indicates, Wisteria & Violet is packaged in the purple bottle, clearly denoting what scent waits inside. Wisteria and violet are expertly combined in this fragrance, creating a blanket of calm floral essence on a bright summer day. This scent is a gentle, but steady rain that draws out the floral scent of springtime flowers.

The base is warm patchouli that serves as an anchor for the floral notes that dance above it. This is the country rain that cascades over stone walls and brings newness to the day. This is the rain that people dance in, the rain that is romantic and cloying.

Of all the perfumes in the Jo Malone London Rain collection, this is probably the most feminine. It is a floral combination that is ideal for garden parties and baby showers. Although all of Jo Malone’s perfumes can be classified as unisex, most men will likely pass on this edition.

The Jo Malone London Rain collection is an achievement in scents that are inspired by weather. There is no one fragrance of the four that stands out more than the others. They are all masterfully designed. The only way to find the one that fits the occasion is to smell them all and choose a favorite.