In June, 2012, pop sensation Justin Bieber made a splash in the world of fragrance by releasing his second perfume, Justin Bieber Girlfriend. This scent is the sequel to his first perfume, Someday, which became the best-selling celebrity perfume in history. It was also the best-selling new woman’s perfume in 2011. As such, there are high hopes for this Justin Bieber perfume, which is marketed primarily to Bieber’s massive young female followers.

To promote his fragrance, Pelle Sjoenell, the executive creative director of Bartle Bogle Hegarty, who was hired by Give Back Brands to market Girlfriend perfume, has focused on reaching the target audience on social media platforms such as Twitter and Tumblr. In addition, Justin Bieber has invited his fans to help develop a 60-second television ad for his new perfume.

In many cases, celebrity fragrances are spurned by the perfume industry; however, given Justin Bieber’s popularity among females, Justin Bieber Girlfriend is likely going to sell extremely well. In addition, the scent is unique and fresh, allowing the same people who purchased his first scent to purchase this one as well to give their fragrance collections variety.

Justin Bieber Girlfriend Notes

When Justin Bieber Girlfriend is first applied, the sweet top notes of pear, blackberry, strawberry, and mandarin tantalize the senses. It is a vibrant opening, with just enough sweetness to hint at its pop-star roots. It’s definitely not too sickeningly sweet and in fact, is fuller and a little darker than its predecessor. Even Bieber said his Girlfriend perfume is more mature than Someday, which could be a nod to the fact that his fan base is getting older.

Just as the sweetness of the opening begins to fade, the heart makes an appearance with a fresh burst of apricot, orange blossom, pink freesia, and star jasmine. The scent is calmer than the opening, but just as alluring. It is reminiscent of sweet blackberry musk with a hint of vanilla, but the floral component keeps it from being too mature. It is still young and playful, but with just a taste of maturity. The heart puts Girlfriend perfume by Justin Bieber firmly in the category of a fruity floral, but when the base notes start shining, it is clear this scent is more than just a flirtatious, run-of-the-mill celebrity perfume.

Speaking of the base notes, Justin Bieber Girlfriend has a warm foundation of musk, white amber, and vanilla orchid. While the vanilla seems to show up early, even as the heart is in full bloom, the amber and musk appear during the dry down period, a perfect ending to a masterful blend of fruity and floral notes. The slightly dark base proves that Justin Bieber has gone a more mature route when developing his second scent. It is not the candy-sweet scent that many celebrities use to lure in the younger crowd.

The Packaging

justin bieber girlfriend fragranceJustin Bieber Girlfriend is not only noteworthy for its more mature scent, but for its elegant and interesting bottle as well. Even if a person doesn’t particularly care for the fragrance, she will probably want this bottle in her collection. The flacon itself is tall and slender, colored dark purple with a matching spritzer. It is actually in the shape of a heart if it is viewed from the top down. The bottle isn’t really the attraction, though, because it is surrounded by a pink, gold, and purple slinky-like canister. This canister must be removed in order to access the spritzer.

There really isn’t another bottle like it on the market. It’s trendy without being gaudy, making it a perfect addition to any perfume collection. It is a huge departure from the flower-shaped bottle used to contain Bieber’s previous scent, Someday. Even women who are not exactly fans of Justin Bieber might actually purchase Justin Bieber Girlfriend fragrance just for the bottle. In contrast to Bieber’s generally huge ego, his name does not appear on the bottle itself. It is just a beautiful purple with the colorful slinky-like canister garnering all the attention.

The Perfect Summer Fragrance

Justin Bieber Girlfriend has been described as the perfect summer fragrance. It is light and airy, and even the sweet notes are reminiscent of a fruit orchard in full bloom. However, some women report that this fragrance can be worn successfully all year around, particularly because of its warm base. Bieber’s first perfume, Someday, is strictly meant for warm-weather wear because it doesn’t have the cozy base notes that Girlfriend perfume has.

The flirtatious nature of Justin Bieber Girlfriend makes it an ideal fragrance choice for casual events. Wear it to a bridal shower or afternoon get-together with friends or family. It is not overpowering, so it could easily be worn in the office as well. In fact, the dry-down period lasts so long that it can be worn all day at work and still be noticeable at happy hour with coworkers. It is not strictly meant for teenagers and women in their early 20s. This is a scent that older women will like as well.

What’s Next?

justin bieber next girlfriend fragranceJustin Bieber Girlfriend has been such a hit with his followers that he has already released its successor: Next Girlfriend. Just as anyone who has ever had a girlfriend or boyfriend knows, some relationships don’t last forever. Bieber couldn’t ride the success of Girlfriend for much longer. In response, he created his new perfume to be sweeter and fruitier than the first edition. While Girlfriend balanced youth with maturity, Next Girlfriend returns to Bieber’s youthful roots. It opens with an innocent blend of pineapple and peach, a flirtatious combination that has proven successful in past scents.

The heart is full of fresh flowers, more fragrant than those that make up the middle notes of Justin Bieber Girlfriend. Lily of the valley and freesia blend with juicy raspberry to create a tantalizing heart that appeals to the younger Bieber followers. Its base is similar to Girlfriend with a warm hint of musk and vanilla that temper the sweetness of the top and middle notes. Next Girlfriend is exactly what it sounds like. People are attracted to certain types of people with small variants. They will have similarities, just as the two Girlfriend perfumes have similarities, but while one is more mature, the other is less so.

Even the bottles are alike in many ways. The colors stay the same, with purple, pink, and gold dominating the packaging. However, there is no slinky-like covering for Next Girlfriend. Instead, the purple heart-shaped bottle is notched like windows in an office building. The spritzer is garnished with a gold, heart-shaped pendant, complete with a keyhole. It is an attractive bottle, but not nearly as striking as the one containing Justin Bieber Girlfriend.

Women who enjoyed Girlfriend may not be enamored with the sequel, Next Girlfriend, particularly if they liked the scent because of its relative maturity. Next Girlfriend, while containing some of the same notes, is younger and more playful. However, there is no harm in having both perfumes in a collection to wear depending on mood. Both are nice summer fragrances, but Girlfriend is probably more wearable year round than its successor. Still, women who like fruity floral perfumes would do well to give both of these a try.