katy perry purr perfumeFollowing the long line of celebrities that launched their own lines of perfume, Katy Perry Purr Perfume debuted in 2010, when it was exclusively available at Nordstrom stores in the United States. Perry’s love for cats was the inspiration for the fragrance and the unique bottle design, which features a cat-shaped head with sparkling jeweled eyes. The purple color is a hint of the “gorgeous and incredibly cute” scent hidden away in the adorable packaging.

Purr Perfume Development

Katy Perry Purr Perfume is a product of Gigantic Parfums, which is also affiliated with Parlux, the company that developed perfume lines for Queen Latifah, Paris Hilton and other entrepreneurial celebrities. Perry actively participated in the development of Purr, which she calls “basically me in a bottle.” Her goal was to create a fragrance that was completely unlike other scents that were on the market.

The bottle and the name were both designed by Perry, who thought the name “Purr” was a great lead-in to “perfume” and “perfect.” It also happens to be the first part of “Perry” as well, making Katy Perry Purr Perfume undeniably tied in with Perry’s own name, an excellent tactic for marketing purposes. The bottle, which was actually hand-sketched by Perry well before the perfume’s development, was just as important to Perry as the actual perfume. She wanted a bottle that could be used as a decoration but wasn’t gaudy. Still, she wanted a design that wouldn’t be easily forgotten amongst the thousands of other perfume bottles on the shelves.

Katy Perry Purr Perfume Notes

In her perfume, Katy blended all of her favorite scents, including apple, green bamboo, gardenia, freesia, jasmine, Bulgarian rose, white amber, sandal wood, vanilla orchid and musk. The opening of the perfume is a fresh green note of bamboo with hints of fruit and flowers. As the scent progresses into the heart, the fragrance morphs into bursts of freesia, jasmine and rose. The floral middle is reminiscent of many popular celebrity perfumes, but Katy Perry Purr Perfume is as unique as its bottle.

The notes of vanilla, musk, coconut, sandalwood, amber, along with a touch of orchid round out the elegant and sophisticated perfume, perfecting the transition from the fun and flirty opening and middle, to the warm and comforting dry down period. Perry aimed to create a scent that would strongly affect people but would not resemble any other perfumes available to women today. Her bold blends of her own favorite perfumes not only achieved her goal, but also captured her eccentric and over-the-top lifestyle.

Purr Perfume Audience

As with her music, Katy Perry Purr Perfume is targeted at a younger population, namely teenagers and young adults. Although the scent is sophisticated enough for mature women, the fruity floral scent is young and fresh, perfect for the same audience that buys Perry’s music. The ingredients are so diverse that Purr can be worn during a daytime lunch with friends or at an evening dinner party with family or coworkers.

To advertise Katy Perry Purr Perfume, Perry dons a pink and purple latex cat suit and is photographed playing with a giant ball of string. She is, as expected, the face of the fragrance. Associating her perfume with her music is a stroke of marketing genius, since her music is already extremely popular and well-known, particularly among the teenagers and young adults that will ultimately buy her perfume.

Katy Perry Purr Perfume is so unlike other perfumes that people will instantly associate the scent with Perry. Just as Perry takes music to another level, her perfume takes fragrances to a place they’ve never been. The unique blend of scents that have never before been paired together gives the perfume a fragrance all its own. The playfulness of the top notes will attract younger women who are looking for a light spring or summer scent they can wear at casual events.

The sophistication of the base notes, though, will draw in mature women who are looking for a youthful fragrance with sexy undertones. As with the younger audience, mature women will likely wear Katy Perry Purr Perfume in casual situations, but it is suitable for lighthearted evening dates as well. The bottle is a major draw, with women of all ages finding the one-of-a-kind container cute and collectible.