Patou Pour Homme is one of the most iconic fragrances for men ever created in the perfume industry. An oriental fougere, Patou Pour Homme by Jean Patou debuted in 1980 as a celebration of masculinity and elegance. The fragrance is a masterpiece from perfumer Thomas Fontaine out of the house of Patou, who is also responsible for Joy Forever, Chaldee, and Eau de Patou for women. In 1924, Jean Patou was generally regarded as the world’s most successful designer of fashion, but he wasn’t always famous.

Patou grew up in the family business of tanning furs in Normandy, France. He opened his first dressmaking shop in 1912, which was purchased by an American buyer just two years later. Patou’s design work took a backseat to his military service shortly thereafter, as his unit was mobilized following Germany’s invasion of Belgium. After his stint in the French army, Patou reopened his fashion house in 1919 and began designing sportswear for women, a novel field at the time. He is generally credited with creating the first knitted swimwear and the tennis skirt, which was initially designed for famous tennis player, Suzanne Lenglen.

He didn’t launch his fragrance line until 1925, when he teamed up with perfumer Henri Almeras to release three fragrances and the first suntan lotion. These perfumes were what helped Patou’s fashion business survive through the stock market crash of 1929, as demand for his luxury fashions dwindled almost to nothing. Some of Patou’s other perfumes include, Joy (his most famous), 1000, Normandie, Vacances, Amour Amour, Adieu Sagesse, Que Said-Je, Divine Folly, Caline, Colony and Moment Supreme. Jean Patou passed away in 1936, when his sister Madeleine and her husband Raymond Barbas took over the operation.

Patou Pour Homme Notes

While Patou Pour Homme by Jean Patou was originally released in 1980, it was reformulated for a re-release in 2013. Its masculinity is intact, with authoritative and layered accords that make it a complex and sophisticated scent. Even though the House of Patou has been a mainstay for decades, the new and improved version of Patou Pour Homme symbolizes the rebirth of the fashion house, which has re-emerged as an internationally prestigious fashion design house after undergoing a lull in the middle of the last century.

Jean Patou Pour Homme opens with a warm blanket of spicy citrus, with the notes of bergamot, hot pepper, galbanum, black pepper, tarragon and lavender escape the bottle and gently wrap themselves around the senses. It is the scent of understated wealth. It’s not flashy, but anyone who catches a whiff will associate the fragrance with luxury and opulence. The lavender gives the fragrance a tender side that blends perfectly with the spicier accords that steal the show.

The middle notes of Patou Pour Homme by Jean Patou are all masculine. Amongst the notes of cedar, clary sage, patchouli and bourbon vetiver, there is nothing even slightly feminine about this scent. However, it is full of complex accords that capture the essential raw scents that are associated with masculinity. It is Cary Grant, Humphrey Bogart and James Dean. It is George Clooney, Robert Redford and Paul Newman. This is the phase of the fragrance that was inspired by Jean Patou himself, full of character and vitality. Yet, its blend is subtle and fresh, giving it a softer side, just as a man has a hidden softer side as well.

The base of Jean Patou Pour Homme is more of the same masculine scents, but with a leathery, woodsy feel. Oakmoss, cistus labdanum, mysore and sandalwood mingle together to create a rich base of elegant appeal. This is the formal side of the fragrance, ideal for an evening out on the town or for making an entrance at a high-end dinner party. No one will forget the dry-down period of Patou Pour Homme by Jean Patou, as it lingers gently in the air long after the gentleman wearing it is gone.

A Bottle of Elegance

Patou Pour HommeInitially, in 1980, the flacon that contains Patou Pour Homme by Jean Patou was as elegant as the liquid inside. It was rectangular and squat, with a glass bottom and a black cap. The words “Patou Pour Homme” and Jean Patou were imprinted on the one side of the glass bottle, making it clear that the buyer was getting nearly 100 years of fragrance perfection.

The re-release of the fragrance saw a change in the bottle as well. It is now in a frosted glass flacon that has a slightly round shape, topped with a round black cap. The words “Patou Pour Homme” and “Jean Patou are still imprinted on the bottle and the yellow-tinted liquid still hints at the wonderful scent that awaits the many lucky enough to wear this fragrance. The new bottle is packaged in a black box, adorned with a thin gold stripe near the bottom. “Patou Pour Homme Jean Patou” is printed in gold in the center of the box. It is available in several different sizes as part of the Heritage Collection that the House of Patou debuted in 2013.


As the original scent had been discontinued, the re-release of Patou Pour Homme by Jean Patou was a welcome addition to the collection. Reviewers are pleased with the re-designed scent, calling it a “very warming, utterly gorgeous” fragrance and that is “absolutely one of my favorite fragrances to wear.” Many reviewers said they have been hording the original scent because it was no longer produced, but with the re-release, they no longer have to do that.

One man said if he was only allowed to wear one fragrance, Patou Pour Homme by Jean Patou would be it. He said both women and men compliment him on the scent all the time and that he is proud to wear it. Another reviewer said the new release is a “little smoother” than the 80s version, but it still captures the essence of elegance and masculinity that Jean Patou is known for. The general feel of most reviewers can be summed up by one who said, “this is perhaps the best male fragrance ever.”