Chloe, the French fashion design house that specializes in ready-to-wear clothing, introduced a new fragrance in 2012. See By Chloe is a trendy floral fruity perfume that is the brainchild of perfumer Michel Almairac. Since the first fragrance designed by Chloe, Chloe in 1975, the fashion house has been on the cutting edge of style, ensuring each scent is both original and timeless. See By Chloe is no exception. Even though the overall feel of this fragrance is light and fun, it still retains some of the refinement you have come to expect from this designer.

Unlike many fruity floral perfumes, See Chloe perfume is aimed toward a sophisticated audience. No longer is fruity just for teenagers. This scent is a grown-up version of the sweet and cloying fruity florals of the past. Although there is a hint of sweetness in See by Chole, it isn’t overpowering or in the slightest bit offensive. This might not be a perfume you would wear to a formal dance, but it is perfect for an early evening happy hour.


see-by-chloe-perfumeThe inspiration for See By Chloe is the modern flirtatious woman. It is feminine, but not so much that it would be considered entirely for women. It has some masculine overtones that make the scent more complicated than your basic fruity scent. According to the advertisements, See “captures the audaciousness and strong personality of the Chloe woman.” It is not a perfume you would catch a delicate lady wearing. Instead, it encapsulates strength and confidence, with just a little mischievousness thrown in.

See By Chole is not only fun and flirty, but also slightly edgy. If a traditional jasmine perfume like Joy is a refined symphony, See is a rock and roll ballad. It is not entirely hard, head-banging rock, but there are definitely some rocking notes in the fragrance that make it more than the classic feminine scent. The video advertising, which combines a girls’ night out with a twist on the party game, Spin the Bottle, is clearly targeting a young adult audience, but the scent is appropriate for women between the ages of 18 and 35.

The face of the campaign for See by Chloe is Dutch model Bette Franke, who has worked with Hermes, Calvin Klein, Prada, and Chanel, among others. In one print advertisement for the perfume, Franke is seen in black bikini underwear, a black leather jacket, and nothing else. Her hair is windblown, giving off that same rock and roll vibe that the video ads portray.


The initial burst of See By Chloe is a sparkly bergamot and fresh apple blossom. Although slightly bitter, the sweetness of the fruit does come through in waves. The apple is mellower than a green apple, but not quite as sweet as a red one. The fruit remains for several hours as it is slowly replaced by the floral middle notes.

Jasmine and ylang-ylang make up the heart of See By Chloe, marking the most feminine stage of the perfume. Although some reviewers found the heart to be a little powdery, making the scent seem a little retro, most women who have tried this perfume thought it reminded them of a gorgeous floral bouquet. Even though the perfume is entirely unique, there is a hint of tradition running through the heart that, while familiar, can’t quite be placed. It is like a vague memory that itches the edge of your mind but never quite materializes into an image.

The base notes are silky and seductive, with the masculine accords of musk mingle with creamy vanilla to create a somewhat serious foundation for the otherwise playful perfume. The finish of See By Chole perfume is a departure from other fruity floral scents that usually dissolve into an apple and cream concoction. The presence of musk and sandalwood keep the edginess of the fragrance prominent throughout the entire process. The mellow masculine scents of the base balance out the bright and fruity accords of the opening and the feminine floral of the heart.

The Packaging

The flacon that contains See By Chloe is truly a work of art. It is inspired by a vintage bird cage, which gives the impression that the fragrance inside could also be more traditional than it is. Just as the opening of the perfume is sweet and the base is warm, the bottle and the liquid inside are a study in contradictions. The bottle is clear, ribbed glass, capped by a silver topper. “See By Chloe” is imprinted in red around the neck.

Although you shouldn’t judge a fragrance by its bottle, in this case, if you bought this perfume just because of the bottle, you wouldn’t be disappointed. Even if you didn’t care for the scent, you would still have a beautifully simple, yet deceptively elegant container that would definitely stand out on your dressing table. It is clear that as much attention went into the bottle design as went into the fragrance itself, and that effort certainly paid off. Chloe See perfume is available in 30 ml, 50 ml, and 75 ml Eau de Parfum bottles and sells for between $50 and $65.

See By Chloe Reviews

Many perfumes are either universally loved or universally disliked. However, See By Chloe is definitely a mix of the two. If you do not like sweet scents or they simply do not mix with your body’s chemistry, then most reviewers would advise you to skip See. Those who prefer sweet perfumes, though, are in love with this fragrance. Some reviewers said they enjoyed it because it reminded them of their first teenage perfume, but an all grown up version that is more sophisticated and mature.

Some reviewers were impressed by the quality of the perfume for the price, as it is quite a bit cheaper than other Chloe fragrances. This could be because it is targeting younger women who may not have the funds to spend on more expensive perfumes. Regardless, it smells more expensive than it really is, and this is a quality women love. After all, if you can smell like a million bucks without spending a million bucks, why not save the money?

One of the recurring themes throughout the reviews is that you really need to try See By Chloe on your skin and not just on a paper blotter. The fruity sweetness mingles with body chemistry differently, meaning it will not smell the same on any two women, and it definitely will not smell the same as it does on paper. In general, though, if you do not like sweet perfumes, it’s probably not a scent you will particularly like.

Overall, Chloe See perfume is full of personality. It is fun and flirty, with just a hint of seduction and mischievousness. It is young without being immature and its edginess is the embodiment of the modern urban woman. With various unexpected twists, this fragrance is not what it seems to be at any stage of the process. It might appear to be just another sweet fruity floral, but by the time the base notes sing their mellow musk mixed with vanilla, you will see it is like nothing you have ever worn before.