Despite what some people might think, perfume is not just for women. Scent is a powerful attractant and women are no different than men when it comes to being drawn to members of the opposite sex based on their fragrance. Of course, it can be more challenging for men to find perfumes that they like, since there are fewer fragrances geared toward the male sex.

Fortunately, there are some classic top perfumes for men that have withstood the test of time. The fragrances that made this top 10 perfumes for men list have been driving women wild for many years. If you’re a man and you’ve never tried perfume but want to, you can’t go wrong with any fragrance on this list. Read a little about each scent, pick several you want to try and find the one that’s best for you.

 Top 10 Perfumes for Men


Polo_Blue_Sport_Ralph_Lauren#10 – Polo Blue Sport by Ralph Lauren

If you are looking for a truly masculine scent that can be worn for any occasion, this citrusy fragrance with top notes of apple, mint, and mandarin, is the ideal perfume for you. This perfume debuted in 2012 and is recommended for casual use, although it wouldn’t be out of place at a formal event either. The base notes of patchouli, musk, sandalwood and amber are warm and comfortable, yet a bit mysterious, drawing women in for a closer look.


Burberry_Brit_Summer_for_Men_by_Burberry Top 10 Perfumes for Men#9 – Burberry Brit Summer for Men by Burberry

This particular perfume, with its light top notes of lime, ginger and green mandarin is perfect for those warm summer nights. Launched in 2012, the scent is reminiscent of the British summertime, when the grass is green and the flowers are fresh. The heart beats strong with notes of patchouli and cedar wood, which serve to complement the light floral notes of jasmine and wild rose. The base is sexy and masculine, with undertones of the original Brit fragrance, an oriental mixture of white musk, vetiver and tonka beans.


Acqua_di_Gio_by_Giorgio_Armani#8 – Acqua di Gio by Giorgio Armani

Released in 1995, this fragrance is one of the top 10 perfumes for men because of its connotation of masculinity and freedom. It belongs to the ocean category of fragrances, with its hints of wind and water, sun and sea. The top notes of lavender, amber, freesia and cumin introduce the nautical feel and are followed up with juniper, rosemary, sandalwood and jasmine to bring out the fresh foliage and spicy groves surrounding the Mediterranean Sea. This perfume is meant to be worn in the spring or summer for casual occasions. It’s light and airy presentation is long-lasting and will wear well at the beach or a night club.


Allure_Homme_Sport_by_Chanel Top 10 Perfumes for Men#7 – Allure Homme Sport by Chanel

This top 10 men’s perfume is a fresher and sharper version of the original Allure Homme, which was introduced in 1999. This 2004 version begins with notes of aldehydes, citrus and fresh water. The heart notes sing of woods and spice; however, it is not very oriental or heavy. Rather, it is light and almost translucent. The base of amber, tonka beans and white musk come through as masculine and clean. It is perfect for winter nights and holiday parties. It is long-lasting and designed for men of any age.


Eternity_for_Men_by_Calvin_Klein#6 – Eternity for Men by Calvin Klein

This classic scent, launched in 1989 is a cool and refreshing fragrance that is distinctly masculine. Recommended for daytime wear, the blend of crisp jasmine, basil, sage and rosewood ooze confidence and strength, which is exactly the tone you want to set when you’re in the office or dealing with customers. Yet, the base notes of sandalwood, musk, vetiver and amber send a message of sensitivity that underlies the masculinity of the heart notes; an ideal message to send when you’re having drinks with coworkers at the end of the day.


angel-thierry-mugler-a-men#5 – Angel for Men by Thierry Mugler

This perfume first debuted in 1996, but it is still one of the top 10 perfumes for men because it is a very seductive and mysterious fragrance that can’t easily be forgotten. Its intoxicating blend of mint, coffee, lavender and caramel make it ideal for any occasion. The manufacturer recommends this fragrance for casual wear, but it would fit in well on a date or at a holiday party.


Borneo_1834_by_Serge_Luten#4 – Borneo 1834 by Serge Luten

This one of the top 10 perfumes for men was once marketed to both men and women, but eventually, the warm spicy scent of patchouli, cardamom, cocoa and galbanum attracted more men than women. The blend of patchouli and cocoa is intriguing, as it confuses the senses. However, the result is very masculine and mysterious. It is a great perfume for evening wear, but it can also be worn during the day in the winter months.


Gucci_by_Gucci#3 – Gucci by Gucci

Classy and elegant, this perfume made the “top 10 perfumes for men” list because of its traditional, yet luxurious masculine appeal. Cypress and calone deliver a crisp freshness that is closely followed by violet and bergamot in the middle, giving the fragrance a smooth and natural heart that is reminiscent of wealth and style. The base notes are strong and long-lasting, tantalizing the senses with hints of patchouli, amyris and cedarwood, with just a touch of sweet tobacco. Meant for formal evenings and important occasions, this fragrance is one of the top 10 men’s perfumes because once you smell it, you can’t forget it.


L’Eau_d’Issey_Pour_Homme_by_Issey_Miyake#2 – L’Eau d’Issey Pour Homme by Issey Miyake

Launched in 1994, this is one of the top 10 perfumes for men because of its refined aquatic scent that reminds one of freedom on the open sea. The masculinity of the scent is drawn from the spicy notes of verbena, cinnamon bark, coriander, nutmeg and saffron. The warm woodsy undertones come from bourbon, sandalwood, musk and amber tobacco. This fragrance can be worn at any time of the year, but works best in spring and summer. It is perfect for the office or for dinner out with family and friends. Find in depth review of this perfume in this post.


Cool_Water_by_Davidoff Top 10 Perfumes for Men#1 – Cool Water by Davidoff

This is a classic fragrance introduced in 1988 and makes the “top 10 perfumes for men” list because of its intoxicating blend of lavender, oakmoss, musk, jasmine and sandalwood. Categorized as “fresh,” Cool Water creates a natural scent that is reminiscent of campsites, hiking trips and other woodsy activities. The freshness of this perfume makes it popular with men regardless of age. The clean, natural notes of this fragrance are ideal for daytime wear.