A lot of people portray the “smell of winter” as pine trees fragrance, while others say that the winter atmosphere smells like spices and baked goods. The sense of festivity and scented aura in winter triggers the mood for the holidays. There are wide selections of winter perfumes for both men and women.

Shopping for winter perfume is not different from shopping for new cloth that will suit the season. Therefore, when you step out to pick a fragrance this season, consider the temperature out there. While people tend to wear any type of fragrance during any season, some fragrances are best suited for particular seasons. There are best fragrances for the Fall and Winter, just the same way some fragrances are best suited for the Spring and Summer.

Choosing the Best Winter Perfumes for Men

When you step out to shop for winter perfume as a man, you should focus on warm and earthy fragrances. These fragrances are usually spiced up with mint, cinnamon or other wintry-smelling ingredients in a mild and appealing manner.

Typically, a good number of men’s colognes that target a particular season will usually combine outdoorsy fragrances – e.g. leather and wood with a blend of amber for a masculine, sweet smell. You will also cherish the light sweet smell that comes from men’s winter scents made from tangerine and other citrus ingredients. In addition, winter colognes targeted at men may combine ingredients such as cedar wood, bergamot, and patchouli.

Choosing the Best Winter Perfumes for Women

A woman seeking to buy the best winter fragrances should insist on rich, full scents with a mix of vanilla, amber and cinnamon. Also, some of the winter scents targeted at the female folks will usually combine the mild sweet fragrance of lemons, oranges, and other tropical fruits. These are also mixed with sugary undertones such as vanilla, honey and caramel.

However, if you are one of those women who are not fanatical about sweet-smelling scents, you may be better off with more sultry and darker scents. In that case, you should look out for winter perfume that has a mix of musky floral like gardenia petals and jasmine. These types of scents for winter will be increasingly irresistible if they combine near-sweet ingredients such as cacao and licorice.

General Rules for Choosing a Winter Perfume

As mentioned earlier, some scents are intended to trigger seasonal moods. According to perfume experts, seasonal fragrances should combine sweet notes such as cinnamon, vanilla and amber. You will also find wide selections of scents that combine fruits, honey, lemon, caramel, oranges and other sweet ingredients.

Rule #1: Know Your Scent

Here are some common ways to determine your scent;

  • When you smell a winter perfume, allow about five minutes for the perfume to settle down.
  • If you want all the top notes to remain intact when testing the suitability of a perfume, do not rub together when you spray the fragrance on your wrist
  • If you intend to buy winter cologne that you perceived on someone else, bear in mind that same fragrances may smell differently on individuals due to different body chemistries.

Rule #2: Determine Your Fragrance

What’s your fragrance? You need to identify your ideal fragrance as you get set to shop for perfume intended for the winter season. Some of the well-known fragrances are;


Woody fragrances are characterized by earthy tones. Woody scents are usually great choice for cooler evenings and months. The ingredients for such fragrances usually include cedar, patchouli, and sandalwood for a natural and rich scent.


If you prefer very strong scents, the oriental would probably make a better choice for you since they are the strongest. Their overtones are usually rich and sensual. They are heavy blends complemented with fine scents of oriental resins, musk, luxurious flowers, and sweet vanilla.

Majority of the oriental fragrances are known with awesome crossing-over of qualities from the spicy fruits categories. As a result, they are excellent choice for special occasions and evening events during winter. Find more details on how to choose a good perfume for you here.


The tones of green perfumes are quite similar to those of crisp spring growth and cut grass. These lighter fragrances are more suitable for business wear and casual wear. Generally, green fragrances are contemporary as well as funky and can go for all occasions.


The overtones of floral cents are strong and flowery. The best floral winter perfumes will combine lavender, jasmine and/or rose. These are mild, feminine overtones that suit a day-long use.


“Spicy and fresh” – that’s the best description for fruity perfumes. The fragrance leaves off a youthful smell. Fruity fragrances are generally suitable for cool weathers. They create a sense of cider and desserts during the winter season. They are great choice for classy women.

Top 5 All-Time Best Winter Perfumes

#1: Calvin Klein Eternity Night:

This is a classic men’s winter fragrance that stands you out at holiday parties. It has a blend of ronka bean and pink pepper.

#2: Issey Miyake Nuit D’Isse:

Made with leather and a mix of spices and subtle woods, this post-sundown fragrance is suitable for men during the winter season.

#3: Armani Code:

Fresh and spicy is the best description for this poise-boosting Giorgio Armani fragrance with citrusy notes.

#4: Gucci Envy Me:

This special Gucci collection is designed for women who desire attention. The dazzling blend of pink pepper, jasmine and sensual peony with sweet litchi notes and other fizzy ingredients makes it suitable for winter.

#5: Dior Addict:

Dior Addict is a feminine, classic fragrance that arouses the senses with its combination of succulent bourbon vanilla, tonka bean, and sandalwood.